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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 899

44951. When did Annie Besant joined in Indian National Congress?

44952. Name of the Woman’s wing of Ramakrishna Mission:

44953. ’Mirathul Akbar’is the newspaper started by whom?

44954. Darsana Mela is written by:

44955. Who was the founder of Prathana Samaj?

44956. Whose ideology influenced Sir Sayyad Ahammed Khan?

44957. When did Justice Party renamed as Dravida Kazhikam?

44958. Which books is considered as Bible of Bengali Nationalism?

44959. Organising meeting of Indian National Congress was held at:

44960. Which one is the first Political Party in India?

44961. When did Partition of Bengal came into existence?

44962. What was the agitation method of Extremist wing of Indian National Congress?

44963. In which Constitutional reforms separate electorate introduced for Muslims?

44964. Who was the National leader who resigned from Viceroy’s Executive Council as a protest against Jalian Walabag massacre?

44965. Which was the first Modern Labour Union in India?

44966. Jamiya Milliya Islamiya started as a part of:

44967. Eka(Aikya)movement is one of the peasant uprising in:

44968. Nehru Report was the result of:

44969. ISP means:

44970. Which is the shortcut key to create a new word file?

44971. The size of the A4 printing paper recommended by the International Standard Organisation:

44972. An office communication with a citizen by:

44973. An offer is made in response to an enquiry it is known as:

44974. Which of the following command lets you set the vertical alignment?

44975. Country known as the ‘Playground of Europe’?

44976. What will happen when the drawchord is cut?

44977. In a O.Letter ‘To’ Address is typed on the :

44978. The platen of a typewriter is made up of:

44979. ’asdf:lkj’ keys in typewriter are called:

44980. Demi-official letters are concluded by:

44981. Requirements of good filling equipments are:

44982. ----------are covers of cardboard or thick papers,fitted with metal hinges with which to fasten the papers together.

44983. Girish Nikam recently died after a heart attack at the age of 59. He was related to which of the following fields?

44984. The default lines to drop for dropcap is:

44985. The insertion point in a table can be moved by using:

44986. The four types of mail merge main documents in MS Word are:

44987. The downward form of ‘H’ is used when the letter stands alone or is immediately followed by---------or------------

44988. Frequently occurring words are represented in shorthand by a single sign called:

44989. World Ozone Day

44990. Vernacular Press Act was passed in the year-----

44991. -----------department in Kerala celebrates its golden jubilee in 2013

44992. The first woman appointed the Chief Information Commissioner in India

44993. National Sports Day is celebrated on--------

44994. ”I Have a Dream”Speech is related to -------country

44995. ”Gumica”is a famous painting of--------

44996. ”Kaipunyam”is the biography of-------

44997. The 2020 Olympics will be held in-----

44998. A high court Judge is appointed by--------

44999. ”Arthasastra”was written in…….language.

45000. ”Swarabhedangal”is the autobiography of-----

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