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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 898

44901. What is the Thesaurus used for?

44902. To select equal width for columns we select:

44903. IP address is currently:

44904. The following is used to type on ruled paper:

44905. The scale between the type guide and the cylinder is known as:

44906. ------------is a plastic or metal device with certain areas cut out to indicate the size and shape of various types of desks,chairs ,cabinets,files and other office equipment.

44907. Office space should be sufficient from the point of view of the --------of the organization

44908. On an Excel sheet the active cell is indicated by:

44909. You can create hyperlinks from the Excel work book to:

44910. A file with’dot’ extension is associated with:

44911. Type bar is fitted with:

44912. Cylinder and feed rolls rotate in:

44913. The -----------also called the brains of the computer,is responsible for processing dat

44914. What is the name of the software that allows us to browse through web pages?

44915. The circle ‘S’ is added to the hook ‘F’or ‘V’by writing the circle----------the hook.

44916. When ‘Shun’ follows the circle ‘S’ or circle ‘NS’,it is expressed by a small --------------written on the opposite side to the circle and with same direction.

44917. The curve’M’is thickened for the addition of----------or--------------

44918. Ctrl+E is used for:

44919. All formula in Excel start with the sign

44920. Type bars are connected to segment by means of:

44921. Forming of letters in irregular line with uneven space called:

44922. Ribbon carrier is situated on the back side of:

44923. Assignment of duties,Granting of Authority and Creation of an obligations are:

44924. ----------------is an obligations of the individual to perform assigned duties to the best of his ability under the direction of his executive leader

44925. GUI stands for:

44926. To repeat the table heading in every page:

44927. Mistakes on the stencil paper can be corrected by:

44928. Qualities of good office manager are:

44929. ----------------means balancing and keeping the team together by ensuring a suitable allocation of tasks to the various members,and by seeing to it that these tasks are performed with due harmony among the members themselves.

44930. One of the following is a presentation software

44931. What is seen as soon as Gimp is opened?

44932. The index page of a website is

44933. Which of the following is not an operating system?

44934. What key stroke combinations can you use for inserting end note in your document?

44935. A large medial or final circle written with the same motion as circle’S’represents ‘SS’ having a light or heavy sound with the intervening vowel---------------

44936. The key making impression on the paper are called:

44937. The capital letter’L’is used for:

44938. The scientific method of operating the typewriter is known as:

44939. The shortcut key for ‘undo’ command is:

44940. ---------is the shortcut key used in windows to close an open window.

44941. Internet came into force in India in the year:

44942. Atoms of different element having different atomic number but same mass number is known as?

44943. ------machines are used to affix stamps on outward letters and envelops.

44944. In planning the general office,one of the major decisions to be made is in regard to the provision of separate rooms for the different departments or sections or for bringing them together into one large room.This office called:

44945. Advantages of good Layout are:

44946. The Guide Row in the typewriter is:

44947. Phraseography is the writing of two or more words together without lifting the pen,the resulting outline being called a----------

44948. The common keyboard adopted for all typewriters are called:

44949. HTML stands for:

44950. Who is considered as father of Indian Social Reforms?

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