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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 975

48751. When the term RAM is used with semiconductor memories, it usually means ________ as opposed to ROM.

48752. Dynamic RAMs store information by using ________.

48753. When more than one IC is used to provide all the addressable locations in a memory, a technique called ________ is used to identify which IC is being accessed.

48754. The periodic recharging of dynamic RAM memory cells is called ________.

48755. A(n) ________ is user programmable and can also be erased electronically and reprogrammed as often as desired.

48756. A FIFO ________.

48757. PROMs are programmed by ________ fuses.

48758. When a computer is executing a program of instructions, the CPU will ________ memory locations as dictated by the program instructions.

48759. A DRAM has a RAS and a CAS because ________.

48760. Floppy disks are organized into concentric rings called ________.

48761. Read-only memory is memory ________.

48762. A ________ is user-programmable memory that cannot be erased and reprogrammed.

48763. A device that needs constant refreshing to avoid losing data is a(n) ________.

48764. Information that is stored in a mask ROM ________.

48765. Flash memories are so called because of the rapid ________ times.

48766. How many address bits are needed to select all memory locations in the 2118 16K × 1 RAM?

48767. The check sum method of testing a ROM:

48768. Refer to the given figures (a) and (b). A logic analyzer is used to check the circuit in figure (a) and displays the waveforms shown in figure (b). The actual analyzer display shows all four data outputs, Q0-Q3. The analyzer's cursor is placed at position X and all four of the data output lines show a LOW level output. What is wrong, if anything, with the circuit?

48769. What is the meaning of RAM, and what is its primary role?

48770. The storage element for a static RAM is the ________.

48771. In a DRAM, what is the state of R/W during a read operation?

48772. The condition occurring when two or more devices try to write data to a bus simultaneously is called ________.

48773. How many bits are used in the data bus?

48774. The items that you can physically touch in a computer system are called:

48775. Single-bit indicators that may be set or cleared to show the results of logical or arithmetic operations are the:

48776. When referring to instruction words, a mnemonic is:

48777. The technique of assigning a memory address to each I/O device in the computer system is called:

48778. When was the first 8-bit microprocessor introduced?

48779. What type of circuit is used at the interface point of an output port?

48780. I/O mapped systems identify their input/output devices by giving them a(n) ________.

48781. What type of circuit is used at the interface point of an input port?

48782. The register in the 8085A that is used to keep track of the memory address of the next op-code to be run in the program is the:

48783. The control bus and memories share a bidirectional bus in a typical microprocessor system.

48784. All computer programs for a machine are called:

48785. The 8085A is a(n):

48786. Because microprocessor CPUs do not understand mnemonics as they are, they have to be converted to ________.

48787. A register in the microprocessor that keeps track of the answer or results of any arithmetic or logic operation is the:

48788. What is the difference between a mnemonic code and machine code?

48789. Which bus is a bidirectional bus?

48790. Which of the following buses is primarily used to carry signals that direct other ICs to find out what type of operation is being performed?

48791. What kind of computer program is used to convert mnemonic code to machine code?

48792. Which of the following are the three basic sections of a microprocessor unit?

48793. The stack is a data storage area in RAM used by certain microprocessor operations.

48794. A microprocessor with the necessary support circuits will include at least two memory ICs: ROM or EPROM, and a RAM.

48795. I/O-mapped systems identify their input and output devices by giving them an 8-bit port number.

48796. A microcontroller integrates multichip systems with RAM, ROM, and I/O.

48797. Programs written for the 8080A must have slight modifications to run on the 8085A.

48798. The software used to drive a microprocessor-based system is called FORTRAN.

48799. Conversion from assembly language to machine language can be done by the programmer through a process called hand assembly.

48800. Assembly language is written using mnemonics: MVI, DCR, JZ.

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