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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 982

49101. An unweighted code in which only one bit changes from one code number to the next is ________.

49102. Binary 10111111 is ________ in hexadecimal.

49103. Hexadecimal 44 is ________ in binary.

49104. Resistors—usually 300 apiece—inserted between a decoder and a 7-segment display are ________.

49105. Adding a zero to the leftmost bit of an ASCII code is called ________.

49106. The largest BCD number that can be represented with four binary bits is ________.

49107. Binary-coded-decimal 0111 1001 0011 is ________ in binary.

49108. Decimal 12 is ________ in hexadecimal.

49109. Hexadecimal AA is ________ in decimal.

49110. Decimal 42 is equivalent to binary ________.

49111. The decimal number –128 is represented in the signed 2's complement system as ________.

49112. Whenever information is transmitted from one device to another, there is a possibility that ________.

49113. Odd-parity 9E16 is ________ decimal.

49114. Hexadecimal 12 is ________in binary.

49115. Overflow can occur if two signed numbers are added and ________.

49116. A typical CD-ROM can store ________ of digital data.

49117. The MSB of 11001 is ________.

49118. ________ symbols are needed to represent all digits in hexadecimal.

49119. Each hexadecimal digit converts to ________ binary digits.

49120. In the decimal number 481, the powers-of-10 weight of the digit 4 is ________.

49121. Decimal 2875 is ________ bytes in binary.

49122. Even-parity 01101000 binary is ________in hexadecimal.

49123. The column weight of the "1" in the hexadecimal number 1AB is ________.

49124. In binary, the decimal number 93 converts to ________ digits.

49125. The 2's complement of the binary number 1000 is ________.

49126. Hexadecimal 44 is ________ in decimal.

49127. Convert hexadecimal value 16 to decimal.

49128. Convert the following decimal number to 8-bit binary. 187

49129. Convert binary 111111110010 to hexadecimal.

49130. Convert the following binary number to decimal. 010112

49131. Convert the binary number 1001.00102 to decimal.

49132. Decode the following ASCII message. 10100111010100101010110001001011001 01000001001000100000110100101000100

49133. The voltages in digital electronics are continuously variable.

49134. A GAL is essentially a ________.

49135. What is an OTP device?

49136. How many product terms can a MAX+Plus II compiler borrow from adjacent macrocells in the same LAB?

49137. Each programmable array logic (PAL) gate product is applied to an OR gate and, if combinational logic is desired, the product is ORed and then:

49138. ________ are used at the inputs of PAL/GAL devices in order to prevent input loading from a large number of AND gates.

49139. A(n) ________ consists of a programmable array of AND gates that connects to a fixed array of OR gates and is usually OTP.

49140. What is another name for digital circuitry called sequential logic?

49141. When did the first PLD appear?

49142. SPLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs are all which type of device?

49143. Cascade chains are closely associated with ________.

49144. FPLA is:

49145. A(n) ________ is a section of embedded logic that is commonly found in FPGAs.

49146. In a FLEX10K, what two outputs will the LE produce?

49147. What is the major downfall of microprocessor/DSP systems?

49148. ASIC stands for:

49149. A look-up table is simply a truth table with all the possible output connections listed with their desired input response.

49150. The final step in the device programming sequence is ________.

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