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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 983

49151. Most look-up tables in field-programmable gate arrays (FGPAs) use ________ inputs, resulting in ________ possible outputs.

49152. What is the defining difference between microprocessor/DSP systems and other digital systems?

49153. Why have PLDs taken over so much of the market?

49154. CLB is the acronym for ________.

49155. What can the GAL22V10 do that the GAL16V8 cannot?

49156. Bird: Cage (Select the pair that best expresses similar relationship)?

49157. A circuit that implements a combinational logic function by storing a list of output values that correspond to all possible input combinations is a(n) ________.

49158. By adding an OR gate to a simple programmable logic device (SPLD) the foundation for a(n) ________ is made possible.

49159. What does the Altera FLEX10K PLD use in place of AND and OR arrays?

49160. PIA is an acronym for ________.

49161. Which one of the following is an embedded function of the Stratix II FPGA?

49162. In an OLMC, where does the FMUX signal go?

49163. Which of the following testing procedures has one or more external moving parts?

49164. Field-programmable gate arrays (FGPAs) use ________ memory technology, which is ________.

49165. A PAL16L8 has:

49166. Now many times can a GAL be erased and reprogrammed?

49167. MPGA stands for:

49168. Which of the following increases the number of product terms by borrowing unused product from other macrocells?

49169. Which is a mode of operation of the GAL16V8?

49170. Which of the following testing procedures uses the JTAG IEEE standard?

49171. The macrocells in a PAL/GAL are located ________.

49172. The content of a simple programmable logic device (PLD) consists of:

49173. Which is a major digital system category?

49174. What is the input/output pin configuration of the GAL22V10?

49175. The President of ICA:

49176. What does a dot mean when placed on a PLD circuit diagram?

49177. FPGA is the acronym for ________.

49178. How many combinations are handled in an LUT?

49179. The resolution to start the Quit India movement was adopted by INC at its session held at:

49180. What is the status of a tristate output buffer on a MAX7000S family device?

49181. GAL is an acronym for ________.

49182. What gives a GAL its flexibility?

49183. What programmable technology is used in FPGA devices?

49184. What is an EPM7128S?

49185. An SPLD listed as 22V10 has ________.

49186. The Altera MAX 7000 series ________.

49187. A macrocell basically contains ________.

49188. The complex programmable logic device (CPLD) features a(n) ________ type of memory.

49189. How many macrocells are in a MAX700S LAB?

49190. Which is not a type of PLD?

49191. An SPLD listed as 16H8 would have ________.

49192. Which type of PLD could be used to program basic logic functions?

49193. The complex programmable logic device (CPLD) contains several PAL-type simple programmable logic devices (SPLDs) called:

49194. Which is not a part of a GAL16V8's OLMC?

49195. What is PROM?

49196. A slice consists of ________.

49197. Product terms are the outputs of which type of gate within a PLD array?

49198. The JTAG signals are named TDI, TDO, TMS, and TCK.

49199. The programming technologies that are used in CPLD devices are all nonvolatile.

49200. Generally, PLDs can be described as being one of four different types.

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