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64451. ആരുടെ നിർദേശ പ്രകാരമാണ് റിസർവ് ബാങ്ക് നിലവിൽ വന്നത് [Aarude nirdesha prakaaramaanu risarvu baanku nilavil vannathu]

Answer: ഹില്ടൻ യങ്ങ് കമ്മീഷൻ [Hildan yangu kammeeshan]

64452. ബാങ്കേർസ് ബാങ്ക് എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്ന ബാങ്ക് ഏത് [Baankersu baanku ennariyappedunna baanku ethu]

Answer: റിസർവ് ബാങ്ക് [Risarvu baanku]

64453. റിസർവ് ബാങ്ക് നിലവിൽ വന്നത് ഏത് വർഷം [Risarvu baanku nilavil vannathu ethu varsham]

Answer: 1935

64454. ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ആദ്യത്തെ ബാങ്ക് ഏതായിരുന്നു [Inthyayile aadyatthe baanku ethaayirunnu]

Answer: ബാങ്ക് ഓഫ് ഹിന്ദുസ്ഥാൻ [Baanku ophu hindusthaan]

64455. Who is the author of “ Oru pottichiri”?

Answer: Lalitham bika Antharjenam

64456. Largest Country in?

Answer: China

64457. Which is the biggest railway station in the world?

Answer: Grant Central Terminal in Newyork city

64458. The Capital of Kazakhstan?

Answer: Alma-ata

64459. Smallest living thing ?

Answer: Virus

64460. Who is the author of “Brother Karamazov”?

Answer: Fydor Dostoevskey

64461. The Currency of Haiti?

Answer: Gourde

64462. Tall grass grasslands of North America are called ?

Answer: Prairie

64463. Who is the first Japanese emperor who travelled outside Japan in 1971?

Answer: Hirohito

64464. The UNDP Global Human Development Index (HDl) 2011 released on November 2 places India at ?

Answer: 134th place

64465. Who is the author of Gulliver's Travels ?

Answer: Jonathan Swift

64466. The first Lok Adalat was held in 1986 at?

Answer: Chennai

64467. The first IT Park in the Private Sector in Kera1a is ?

Answer: The Muthoot Technopolis.

64468. China's leading news paper is ?

Answer: ‘Renin Ribao' (People's Daily) of Beijing;

64469. Portio

Answer: Shakespeare

64470. VitaminB1 is also called?

Answer: Thiamine

64471. Which is the first talkie in malayalam?

Answer: Balan released in 1938

64472. The Battle of Marathon (BC 490) between the Persians and Athenians was led by ?

Answer: Darius I

64473. Who is the author of ‘Ente uppuppaakkoraana Undayirunnu’?

Answer: Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer

64474. Who is the author of “My Truth"?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

64475. Administrative Staff College is located at?

Answer: Hyderabad (AndhraPradesh).

64476. Electric Telegraph was invented by ?

Answer: Graham Bell in 1876

64477. Who is the author of “Sarada”?

Answer: Oyarathu Chandu Menon

64478. Organization of African Unity (OAU/OUA) was formed in?

Answer: 1963; headquarters at Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

64479. Who is the author of “ Viswavikya thamaya Mooku”?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

64480. Largest City in Area (World)?

Answer: London

64481. In which year the publication of Deepika was started from Kottayam under the name Nasrani Deepika?

Answer: 1887

64482. Which American President gave orders to drop atom bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Answer: Harry S Truman

64483. Who was the commander of Carthage in the Punic wars?

Answer: Hannibal

64484. Who is the author of “Love Story”?

Answer: Eric Segal

64485. What was the immediate cause of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914?

Answer: The murder of Arch Duke Ferdinant of Austria by a Serbian student Gavle Prince on June 28; 1914

64486. The Capital of New Zealand?

Answer: Wellington

64487. 'The Mona Lisa is a famous painting of ?

Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci

64488. The Romanoff Dynasty of Russia was founded by ?

Answer: Michael Romanoff in 1613

64489. Who is the author of “Uncle Tom's Cabin”?

Answer: H S Stowe

64490. ............. protect from pathogens and are involved in the production of antibodies?

Answer: Lymphocytes

64491. Sri Krishna Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Football

64492. Who is the author of Ranga Bhoomi?

Answer: Prem Chand

64493. The India government selected the The Rupee Symbol on?

Answer: 15-Jul-10

64494. Sydney Carton

Answer: Charles Dickens

64495. Typhoid causing bacteria is ?

Answer: Salmonell typhi

64496. The Stuart kings of England believed in the theory of ?

Answer: The Divine Right Theory of Kingship

64497. Dutch sold the St Angelo fort to the Arakkal royal family in?

Answer: 1772

64498. Who is the inventor of Evolution; Theory?

Answer: Charles Darwin

64499. Who is the author of “King’s Clothes”?

Answer: Anderson

64500. Placenta is the characteristic feature of?

Answer: Mammals
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