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68201. What is the height of the Statue of Liberty in America?

Answer: 91 meters

68202. The Currency of Uruguay?

Answer: Nuero Peso

68203. The weaver's township of Balaramapuram was created by?

Answer: Ummini Thampi.

68204. ATM system was first launched in London in the year?

Answer: 1967

68205. Who is the creator of the famous character "David Copperfield;"?

Answer: Charles Dickens

68206. Who is the author of “Bolivian Diary”?

Answer: Ernesto Che Guera

68207. Publication of Chandrika was started in1932 from?

Answer: Thalassery

68208. Who is the author of “My India”?

Answer: S Nihal Singh

68209. Dengue fever; an insect borne disease; is propagated by?

Answer: Culex mosquitoes

68210. Who is the author of “All the Presidents Men.”?

Answer: Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward

68211. The Dutch sold the Pallipuram fort to the State of Travancore in?

Answer: 1789

68212. Arsenic - 74 is used to detect?

Answer: Tumours.

68213. Who was the first Malayalam actress to win the National award?


68214. TheFive kingdoms are Monera; Protista; Fungi; Plants and Animals. Five kingdom classification was developed by ?

Answer: R.H.Whittaker

68215. Who is the author of “Doctor Zhivago”?

Answer: Boris Pasternak

68216. Who is the author of “ Interpreter of Maladies”?

Answer: Jumpa Lahiri

68217. Who was the first Kerala State film award winner for best Actress?

Answer: Sheela

68218. Who is the author of “Fasting and Feasting”?

Answer: Anita Desai

68219. Pasteur Institute is in ?

Answer: Paris

68220. Who is considered as the father of printing?

Answer: John Guttenburg of Gennany

68221. silk was first used by ?

Answer: Chinese

68222. Physical Research Laboratory is located at?

Answer: Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

68223. Father of Parasitology?

Answer: Platter

68224. Who is the author of “Yesterday and Today”?

Answer: K.P.S. Menon

68225. Who is the inventor of Art of Printing?

Answer: Guttenburg

68226. Battle in which Napolean was defeated in 1815?

Answer: Battle of Trafalgar

68227. Bolghatty palace built by?

Answer: The Dutch in 1744

68228. Who became the ruler of Rome after Julius Caeser?

Answer: Octavian (Augustus Caesar)

68229. Who invented Steam Engine in 1769 ?

Answer: James Watt

68230. Christian

Answer: John Bunyan.

68231. Who was the founder of Second Chera Empire?

Answer: Kulasekhara Vannan or Kulasekhara Alwar

68232. The Currency of Mauritius?

Answer: Rupee

68233. Who is the author of “Non-violence of Peace and War”?

Answer: M.K.Gandhi

68234. Sydney is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Darling

68235. Who is the author of “Universe Around Us”?

Answer: James Jeans

68236. The Attingal Outbreak was on?

Answer: 15 April 1721.

68237. To which race Persians belonged ?

Answer: The Indo-European race

68238. The Capital of Rwanda?

Answer: Kigali

68239. The chief architect of the Acadian empire was?

Answer: Sargon

68240. The total number of bones in human skull is ?

Answer: 29

68241. Who is the author of ‘Job for Millions’?

Answer: V.V.Giri

68242. Who was the first woman judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court of India?

Answer: Justice M. Fathima Beevi

68243. First Indian ICS Officer?

Answer: Satyendra nath Tagore

68244. Who is the author of “India-China War”?

Answer: Neville Maxwell

68245. a lyric poem; often in the form of address is known as?

Answer: Ode

68246. Who is the author of India :A portrait ?

Answer: Patrick French

68247. Who discovered Brazil in 1500?

Answer: Kabral; a Portuguese

68248. World Bank (IBRD) came into being on?

Answer: Dec 27;1945

68249. Which book is known as the first book on journalism in the Malayalam language?

Answer: Vrithantha Pathra Pravarthanam (1912)

68250. The supporters of Nazi Party were known as ?

Answer: Sturn Abteilung or 'Brown Shirts'
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