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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1363

68151. Paper was used instead of Palmyra in Kerala Postal Service in?

Answer: 1871

68152. ‘Modern utility theory’ was formulated by?

Answer: Samuelson

68153. 90% of ozone resides in which layer of the atmosphere?

Answer: Stratosphere.

68154. Golden City?

Answer: Johannesburg

68155. Bolgatti Palace built by the Dutch in 1744 is in?

Answer: Kochi

68156. Name the First microprocessor?

Answer: Intel 4004

68157. Jaswant Singh Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Best Services Sportsman

68158. Which is the biggest Gorge in the world ?

Answer: Grand Canyon in the Colarado river in America

68159. Who introduced The Secretariat System in Travancore ?

Answer: Col. Munro

68160. Total number of members countries of The group of 77 is?

Answer: 133

68161. DPEP was started in Kerala in?

Answer: 1994

68162. Who is the author of Middle March ?

Answer: George Eliot

68163. Zulus are the people living in ?

Answer: South Africa

68164. Vitamin K is also called?

Answer: Phylloquinone

68165. Janamaithri Suraksha Project was inaugurated?

Answer: on 26 March 2008

68166. The Currency of Togo?

Answer: France CFA

68167. Which year was declared by UN as International Book Year?

Answer: 1972

68168. Which is the largest gland of the body?

Answer: Liver

68169. Presence of glucose in urine is referred to ?

Answer: Glycosuria.

68170. Smallest Bird?

Answer: Humming Bird

68171. K. Ramakrishna Pillai was deported from the State in?

Answer: September 1910; he died at Cannanore in April 1916.

68172. Communist China's first international religious gathering was conducted in ?

Answer: 6-Apr

68173. Who is the author of SpanishTragedy ?

Answer: Thomas Kyd

68174. Tunku Abdul-Rahman Cup is associated with?

Answer: Badminton (Asian)

68175. Largest Group of Islands?

Answer: Malaya Archipelago

68176. Who is the author of “Indira - The Life of Indira Nehru and Gandhi”?

Answer: Katerine Frank

68177. Who is the author of “On Contradiction”?

Answer: Mao Tse-tung

68178. Who is the author of New Dimensions of India s Foreign Policy?

Answer: Atal Behari Vajpayee

68179. Friedrich von Hayek who advocated free-market capitalism belongs to?

Answer: Austria

68180. Nagjee Trophy is associated with?

Answer: Football

68181. Temple Entry Proclamation was in ?

Answer: 1936

68182. Paleolithic Age is also known as ?

Answer: the 'Age of Hunters'

68183. Who is the author of Vedic Stories?

Answer: Mira Nair

68184. The Persian priests were known as?

Answer: Maji

68185. First Pyramid was built about ?

Answer: 2700 BC

68186. Who is the author of “Born Free”?

Answer: Joy Adamson

68187. Which is India's first industrial park dedicated to electronics and IT ventures?

Answer: Technopark in Trivandrum (started : 1990)

68188. The famous "Iron Curtain" speech was by?

Answer: Winston Churchill

68189. Njeralathu Ramappoduval was associated with?

Answer: Sopana Sangeetham

68190. First American President to die in harness was?

Answer: Wilham Henry Harrison

68191. S.N.D.P Yogam was founded in ?

Answer: 1903

68192. Who is the author of “India We Left”?

Answer: H u m p h r e y Trevelyan

68193. Bin Laden was shot and killed in?

Answer: In May 2; 2011

68194. In which year Vanamahotsav' was started?

Answer: 1950

68195. PaJiyam Copper Plate (925 AD) of Vikramaditya Varaguna mentions about ?

Answer: The Ay rulers

68196. Who is the author of “Witness to an Era”?

Answer: Frank Moraes

68197. George Washington died on?

Answer: 14th December 1799

68198. The brain behind the Malayali Memorial was ?

Answer: Barister GP.Pillai and K.P. Sankaramenon.

68199. Who is known as Kerala Kalidasan”?

Answer: Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

68200. Cholera vaccine was discovered by ?

Answer: Louis Pasteur (1880)
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