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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1585

79251. A woman whose husband is dead.

Answer: Widow

79252. A man whose wife is dead.

Answer: Widower

79253. A magnificent tomb.

Answer: Mausoleum

79254. A medical student.

Answer: Medico

79255. Something that serves as a reminder.

Answer: Momento

79256. A person who lives in a metropolis.

Answer: Metropolitan

79257. A period of one thousand years.

Answer: Millennium

79258. One thousand millions.

Answer: Milliard

79259. A thousand times one thousand.

Answer: Million

79260. A man of millions.

Answer: Millionaire

79261. A person who works in a mine.

Answer: Miner

79262. One who lives near another.

Answer: Neighbour

79263. A person recently married.

Answer: Neogamist

79264. A member of a wandering tribe.

Answer: Nomad

79265. A central part of an atom.

Answer: Nucleus

79266. A plane figure of eight sides.

Answer: Octagon

79267. A young of animals.

Answer: Offspring

79268. One who looks on.

Answer: Onlooker

79269. A person who is 15 years old.

Answer: Adolescent

79270. A person who is 60 years old.

Answer: Sexagenarian

79271. A person who is 70 years old.

Answer: Septuagenarian

79272. A person who is 80 years old.

Answer: Octogenarian

79273. A person who is 90 years old.

Answer: Nonagenarian

79274. A person who is 100 years old.

Answer: Centenarian

79275. A place of perfect peace and happiness.

Answer: Paradise

79276. Supreme law making assembly.

Answer: Parliament

79277. Words alike in sound but different in meaning and spelling.

Answer: Paronym

79278. Animals which live in water.

Answer: Aquatic

79279. Words opposite in meaning.

Answer: Antonym

79280. Word similar in meaning.

Answer: Synonym

79281. Assembly of listeners.

Answer: Audience

79282. A building in which soldiers live.

Answer: Barrack

79283. That which can be heard.

Answer: Audible

79284. That which can be seen.

Answer: Visible

79285. A judgement of a court.

Answer: Decree

79286. A killer of a king.

Answer: Regicide

79287. A killer of an infant.

Answer: Infanticide

79288. A legal advisor.

Answer: Solicitor

79289. A notice which is sent by a court.

Answer: Summons

79290. One who abstains from alcoholic drinks.

Answer: Teetotaler

79291. The state of living unmarried.

Answer: Celibacy

79292. An imaginary line round the earth.

Answer: Equator

79293. A place where orphans are housed.

Answer: Orphanage

79294. Absent ?

Answer: Present

79295. Abundant ?

Answer: Scarce

79296. Accept ?

Answer: Decline; Refuse

79297. Accurate ?

Answer: Inaccurate

79298. Admit ?

Answer: Deny

79299. Advantage ?

Answer: Disadvantage

79300. Against ?

Answer: For
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