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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1584

79201. Faithful supporter.

Answer: Henchman

79202. Fail to pay a debt in time.

Answer: Default

79203. Expert in horse riding.

Answer: Cavalier

79204. Existing since old times.

Answer: Antique

79205. Existing forever.

Answer: Eternal

79206. Amount of money paid to free a prisoner.

Answer: Ransom

79207. Bring back to life.

Answer: Revive

79208. Bring under control by force.

Answer: Capture

79209. Bring under control in war.

Answer: Subjugate

79210. A building for the display of works of art.

Answer: Gallery

79211. That can be expressed in words.

Answer: Expressible

79212. Call back to the mind.

Answer: Recall

79213. Capable of being reached.

Answer: Accessible

79214. Centre of attraction.

Answer: Cynosure

79215. A building equipped with astronomical observations.

Answer: Observatory

79216. Any kind of grain used for food.

Answer: Cereal

79217. Angry at injustice.

Answer: Indignant

79218. Anxious to help somebody.

Answer: Solicitous

79219. That can be perceived by the senses.

Answer: Perceptible

79220. Ceremony of crowning a king.

Answer: Coronation

79221. A chain of flowers, leaves, ribbons etc.

Answer: Festoon

79222. Change in direction.

Answer: Diversion

79223. To mediate; to pander over a question.

Answer: Ruminate

79224. A state in which supremacy of people

Answer: or its elected

79225. representatives is acknowledged.

Answer: Republic

79226. To give up entirely.

Answer: Renounce

79227. Care taken in advance to avoid a risk.

Answer: Precaution

79228. A chief character in a story or drama.

Answer: Protagonist

79229. A collection of poems or prose.

Answer: Anthology

79230. In sufficient feeding or nourishing.

Answer: Malnutrition

79231. Favourable to health

Answer: Wholesome

79232. A conference for discussion on a subject.

Answer: Symposium

79233. A list of household goods, furniture etc.

Answer: Inventory

79234. Scarcity of food.

Answer: Famine

79235. Fear of being in open space.

Answer: Agoraphobia

79236. Fear of books.

Answer: Bibliophobia

79237. Fear of snakes.

Answer: Ophiophobia

79238. Fear of water.

Answer: Hydrophobia

79239. Fear of a dead body.

Answer: Nacrophobia

79240. Fear of oneself.

Answer: Autophoby

79241. To free a prisoner on payment.

Answer: Ransom

79242. A funeral rite.

Answer: Funeral/obsequies

79243. A girl/woman who flirts.

Answer: Coquette

79244. To support a statement or theory.

Answer: Corroborate

79245. A group of talkative girls or women.

Answer: Gaggle

79246. A hater of new things.

Answer: Misoneist

79247. A hater of smoking.

Answer: Misocapnic

79248. A bad smell or taste.

Answer: Foul

79249. The murder of one's mother

Answer: Matricide

79250. A Post without remuneration.

Answer: Honorary
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