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82451. On which day Safer Internet Day was observed across the world with the theme - Together for better internet?

Answer: 5th February

82452. Name the Air Marshal who has been appoined as the new Strategic Forces Command (SFC) Chief?

Answer: Navkaranjit Singh Dhillon

82453. Which country won the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup 2019 by defeating India in the final?

Answer: South Korea

82454. തിരുവിതാംകൂറിലെ സുവർണകാലം എന്നറിയപ്പെടുന്നത്? [Thiruvithaamkoorile suvarnakaalam ennariyappedunnath?]

Answer: സ്വാതിതിരുനാളിന്റെ കാലം [Svaathithirunaalinte kaalam]

82455. On which day Rajasthan Day is celebrated every year?

Answer: 30th March

82456. കേരളത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും പരിശുദ്ധമായ നദി? [Keralatthile ettavum parishuddhamaaya nadi?]

Answer: കുന്തിപ്പുഴ [Kunthippuzha]

82457. Name the mission in which Indian scientists successfully targeted and brought down a live satellite on a Low Earth Orbit with an anti-satellite missile (A-SAT)?

Answer: Mission Shakti

82458. On which public sector bank the Reserve Bank of India has imposed Rs 2 crore penalty for non-compliance of regulatory directions with regard to SWIFT operations?

Answer: Punjab National Bank

82459. Which Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has developed an Artificial Intelligence-based electronic hardware system to detect malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasite, and cervical cancer in milliseconds?

Answer: IIT Delhi

82460. The UGC has prohibited imparting distance degree programmes in which subject?

Answer: Agriculture

82461. The Supreme Court has warned which bank for non-disclosure of bank inspection reports?

Answer: Reserve Bank of India

82462. Name the founder and chairman of the RUJ Group who has been conferred with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award on 29th March, 2019?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi

82463. Which Indian personality was recently honoured with Croatia’s highest civilian award 'Grand Order of the King of Tomislav'?

Answer: President Ram Nath Kovind

82464. In which bank the Union Government has decided to infuse a capital of 5,042 crore rupees ahead of its merger with two other public sector lenders Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank?

Answer: Bank of Baroda

82465. Which place at an altitude of 15,256 feet has now became the world’s highest polling station in the sleepy hamlet of Buddhist-dominated Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh?

Answer: Tashigang

82466. India had signed an MoU on Antarctic cooperation in February 2019 with which nation?

Answer: Argentina

82467. After acquiring a majority stake in REC Ltd (formerly Rural Electrification Corporation Limited), center backed ____________ become India’s second largest Govt-owned Financial Firm after State Bank of India (SBI), based on market capitalization.

Answer: Power Finance Corporation (PFC)

82468. What was India rank in the World Economic Forum’s Global Energy Transition Index 2019?

Answer: 76

82469. Who was appointed as the Chief of Naval Staff on March 23, 2019?

Answer: Karambir Singh

82470. Which airline has recently recognized itself as a defaulter of bank payments with a debt of over USD 1 billion?

Answer: Jet Airways

82471. Name the retired Supreme Court judge who was appointed as the first Lokpal of India on March 19, 2019?

Answer: Pinaki Chandra Ghose

82472. In which state Gauri Sawant has been appointed by the Election Commission of India as the first transgender election ambassador?

Answer: Maharashtra

82473. Which port has become the first Indian port operator to achieve a new record of handling 200 million tonnes (MT) cargo movement?

Answer: Adani Port

82474. The first set of four Chinook heavy lift helicopters was inducted in Indian Air Force on March 25, 2019. From which country India procured these helicopters?

Answer: USA

82475. Which team won the 2018-19 edition of Indian Super League (Football) defeating FC Goa in the finals?

Answer: Bengaluru FC

82476. Which public sector bank has become the first in the country to link savings bank interest rate to RBI repo rate?

Answer: State Bank of India (SBI)

82477. Name the Chief Minister of Goa (also former Defence Minister of India) who passed away recently?

Answer: Manohar Parriker

82478. How much billion dollar was accepted by Reserve Bank of India(RBI) from banks at its currency swap auction to ease liquidity?

Answer: $5 billion

82479. Who has been appointed as the new Chairperson of the newly constituted National Commission for Backward Classes?

Answer: Bhagwan Lal Sahni

82480. Who sworn-in as the 11th Chief Minister of Goa?

Answer: Pramod Sawant

82481. Name the German car manufacturer which has been imposed a penalty of Rs. 500 crore by the National Green Tribunal (NGT)?

Answer: Volkswagen

82482. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India recently signed an MoU with which organisation for better implementation of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016?

Answer: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

82483. India Post has released a special stamp cover on which environmental initiative?

Answer: Ice Stupas

82484. On whic date National Immunisation Day 2019 was observed in India?

Answer: 10th March

82485. The Kartarpur Corridor will connect which district of Punjab with Pakistan?

Answer: Gurdaspur

82486. Which day in March has been declared to be observed as Jan Ausadhi Diwas to create awareness about use of generic medicines?

Answer: 7th March

82487. What is the Current Account Deficit (CAD) of India in the 3rd quarter of the year 2019?

Answer: 2.5% of GDP

82488. Name the Second Scorpene Class Submarine which is set to be inducted into the Indian Navy by May 2019?

Answer: INS Khanderi

82489. Which bank was categorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on March 14, 2019 as a 'Private Sector Bank' for regulatory purposes with effect from January 21, 2019?

Answer: IDBI Bank Limited

82490. The Geographical Indications Registry on March 1, 2019 granted the GI Tag to four categories of Arabica Coffee. In which Indian state Arabica Coffee is grown?

Answer: Karnataka

82491. Which company signed a partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as official sponsor of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019?

Answer: GoDaddy

82492. Who took over as the Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) recently?

Answer: A.K. Mohanty

82493. Which city was adjudged as India's Cleanest City for the third consecutive year as per Swachh Survekshan 2019?

Answer: Indore

82494. Which city was awarded as the Cleanest Capital in the Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey?

Answer: Bhopal

82495. Which company has launched a free app called "Bolo" that parents can download to help primary grade children to improve their Hindi and English reading skills?

Answer: Google

82496. On which day Janaushadhi Diwas was celebrated across India for providing impetus and creating awareness about use of generic medicines?

Answer: 7th March

82497. As per the World Air Quality Report 2018 released by IQAir AirVisual and Greenpeace on March 5, 2019, seven of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India. Which city was ranked as the most polluted capital in the world?

Answer: Delhi

82498. The Union Home Ministry has launched smart fencing on which Indian border to deter illegal infiltration?

Answer: Indo-Bangladesh Border

82499. For children studying in which class ISRO has launched Young Scientist Programme (Yuva Vigyani Karyakram)?

Answer: Class 9th

82500. On which date World Theatre Day is observed every year?

Answer: 27th March
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