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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2224

111201. Who put forward a principle relating to the equilibrium system?

Answer: Le Chatellier

111202. Radiocarbon dating was developed by?

Answer: Willard F. Libby

111203. Radioactivity is measured by using the instrument?

Answer: Geiger counter

111204. Isotope used for the treatment of Hyperthyroidism?

Answer: Iodine 131

111205. The Radioactive element present in Pitch Blende?

Answer: Uranium

111206. Half life period of Carbon 14?

Answer: 5730 years

111207. Half life period of thorium 234?

Answer: 24 days

111208. Rays which travels in the speed of light?

Answer: Gamma rays

111209. The steady state from which no spontaneous change takes place is called?

Answer: Equilibrium

111210. The chemical reactions which never go to completion are called?

Answer: Reversible reactions

111211. The reaction in which the forward and backward reactions occur simultaneously is called?

Answer: Reversible reaction

111212. Those reactions in which the products cannot react and give back the original reactants are called?

Answer: Irreversible reactions

111213. The temperature most suited for conducting an industrial process involving a reversible reactions; most conveniently and profitably is called?

Answer: Optimum temperature

111214. The reaction in which product molecules react and give back the original reactants is called?

Answer: Backward reaction

111215. A system of reacting substances from which neither the reactants nor the products are taken away or added to is called?

Answer: Closed system

111216. At what temperature water has the maximum density?

Answer: 4°C

111217. A rain coat is made of?

Answer: Polychloroethene

111218. The absence of cobalt in minute quantities in human body causes?

Answer: Pernicious anaemia

111219. Which material is used in display devices; such as digital watches?

Answer: Liquid crystal

111220. Which drug is present in cola drinks?

Answer: Caffeine

111221. What is the modern standard for relative atomic mass?

Answer: Carbon isotope with mass number 12

111222. What happens when an electron moves nearer to the nucleus of the atom?

Answer: Its energy decreases

111223. What is molarity?

Answer: Number of moles of solute in one litre of the solution.

111224. What do you mean by a buffer solution?

Answer: Solution which can maintain constant PH

111225. Which halogen is highly metallic in character?

Answer: Astatine

111226. Which gas has the smell of rotten eggs?

Answer: Hydrogen sulphide

111227. The phenomenon by which the same element exists in the same physical state in different forms is known as?

Answer: Allotropy

111228. Substances used for removing excess of chlorine from textiles after their bleaching are in general called?

Answer: Antichlor

111229. The substances which are capable of absorbing combined water or elements of water from molecules of compounds are called?

Answer: Dehydrating agent

111230. The substances which are capable of removing water vapour from other substances are called?

Answer: Drying agents

111231. Smell of white phosphorus?

Answer: Garlic

111232. What is the acid present in milk?

Answer: Lactic acid

111233. What is the colour of chlorine?

Answer: Greenish yellow

111234. What is the colour of ruby?

Answer: Red

111235. Which mineral is known as ‘fool’s gold’?

Answer: Iron pyrites

111236. The iron obtained direct from the blast furnace is called?

Answer: Pig iron

111237. What is agate?

Answer: Naturally occuring silica

111238. Which is the germicidal component in bleaching powder?

Answer: Chlorine

111239. Write the name of a liquid in which phosphorous dissolves:?

Answer: Carbondisulphide

111240. Which element is used as a disinfectant; as a bleaching agent and to purify water?

Answer: Chlorine

111241. What is the common name for sodium chloride?

Answer: Salt

111242. An enzyme which helps in digestion is?

Answer: Protease

111243. What do you understand by 22 carat gold?

Answer: 22 parts gold; 2 parts copper

111244. What is sublimation?

Answer: Converting a solid directly into its vapour

111245. The ashes of plants contain alkali metals; 90% of which is?

Answer: Potassium

111246. Which gas turns litmus colourless?

Answer: Chlorine

111247. What is the common name for hydrogen hydroxide?

Answer: Water

111248. Who is known as the “Father of Polymer Science?

Answer: The German scientist Herman Staudinger

111249. The substances which conduct electricity with the help of the ions present in them are called?

Answer: Electrolytes

111250. The atoms or groups of atoms that carry electrical charge are called?

Answer: Ions
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