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111251. Which chemical reaction takes place in a torch cell?

Answer: Chemical energy is converted into electrical energy.

111252. The negative electrode is called?

Answer: Cathode

111253. Substances; that do not conduct electricity are called?

Answer: Insulators

111254. Electrode that is connected to the positive pole of the battery is called?

Answer: Anode

111255. DefineIsotopes?

Answer: Atoms of the same element having same atomic number but different mass number.

111256. Define Isobars?

Answer: Atoms of different elements which have the same mass number but different atomic number.

111257. Define Isotones?

Answer: Atoms of different elements which contain the same number of neutrons.

111258. In a torch cell; which energy is converted into electric energy?

Answer: Chemical

111259. What is isomerism?

Answer: Same molecular formula but different structural formula

111260. What material is used for cutting glass?

Answer: Diamond

111261. Sulphur is required in plants as a nutrient element for?

Answer: Making vitamins

111262. Proteins are mainly made up of?

Answer: Carbon; Hydrogen; Oxygen and Nitrogen

111263. Amino acids are the building blocks of?

Answer: Proteins

111264. Natural rubber is a polymer of?

Answer: Isoprene

111265. Car tyre cords are made up of?

Answer: nylon - 66

111266. The drugs used to treat allergy are called?

Answer: Antihistamins

111267. Substances which prevent the formation of acids in the stomach are called?

Answer: Antacids

111268. 6 to 10% solution of acetic acid is used as a preservative for various food items. It is commonly known as?

Answer: Vinegar

111269. Natural antioxidants are?

Answer: Vitamin C and E

111270. The hardness of water is due to the presence of which salts?

Answer: calcium and magnesium salts

111271. Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of which salts?

Answer: Bicarbonates of Calcium & Magnesium

111272. Permanent hardness of water is due to the presence of which salts?

Answer: Chlorides and sulphates of Calcium & Magnesium

111273. The most commonly used food preservative is?

Answer: Sodium benzoate

111274. Aspirin is used as?

Answer: an analgesic

111275. Paracetamol is used as?

Answer: both analgesic and antipyretic

111276. The drug used against AIDS is?

Answer: AZT

111277. Which metal is used to make CD?

Answer: Aluminium

111278. The smallest particle of an element or a compound; which shows all the properties of that substance is known as?

Answer: molecule

111279. Non - stick kitchen wares are coated with?

Answer: Teflon

111280. LPG is a mixture of?

Answer: Ethane; Propane and Butane

111281. The main component of LPG is?

Answer: Butane

111282. The main component of natural gas is?

Answer: Methane

111283. The process of coating Iron with Zinc is known as?

Answer: Galvanisation

111284. Soaps solution is basically?

Answer: Alkaline (are the salts of weak acid and strong base. Hence their solution is alkaline)

111285. Detergents are basically-Alkaline/Acidic/Neutral?

Answer: Neutral (Detergents are the salts of strong acid and strong base. Hence their solution will be neutral)

111286. Which acid is known as the “King of Chemicals”?

Answer: Sulphuric acid

111287. The substances which prevent ageing of food materials are commonly known as?

Answer: Anti oxidants

111288. A mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen is called?

Answer: producer gas

111289. “King of Chemicals”?

Answer: Sulphuric acid

111290. A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen is called?

Answer: Water gas

111291. A solution of carbon dioxide gas in water is called?

Answer: Soda water

111292. Which gases are used for gas welding?

Answer: Oxygen and acetylene

111293. Rock cotton is?

Answer: Asbestos

111294. Element extracted from monozite sand is?

Answer: Thorium

111295. The gas used in refrigerators and ice plants?

Answer: Ammonia (NH3)

111296. The mixture of uranium oxides is commonly known as?

Answer: Yellow cake

111297. Man made elements are commonly known as?

Answer: Transuranics

111298. The inorganic elements or compounds which occur naturally in the earth’s crust are known as?

Answer: minerals

111299. The mineral from which a metal can be profitably extracted are called?

Answer: Ores

111300. The process of extraction of metals from their ores; and then refining them for use is known as?

Answer: metallurgy
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