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115651. The Father of Medicine :?

Answer: Hippocrates


Answer: Anthrax ; Meningitis ; Bacterial dysentry ; Paratyphoid Fever ; Bacterial pneumonia ; Plague ; Cholera ; Syphilis ; Diarrhoea ; Tetanus ; Diphtheria ; Tuberculosis ; Gonorrhoea ; Typhoid Fever ; Leprosy ; Whooping cough

115653. What is the process of corneal transplantation called?

Answer: Keratoplasty

115654. L-dopa is a drug to cure which disease?

Answer: Parkinson's disease

115655. What is caused due to deficiency of Vitamin E?

Answer: Sterility in mammals

115656. Which disease is found in cereals and is caused by fungus?

Answer: Smut

115657. What disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin 'C?

Answer: Scurvy

115658. What is the source of Vitamin 'C'?

Answer: Fruits and green vegetables

115659. Which Vitamins are fat soluble?

Answer: Vitamin D; Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Vitamin K

115660. When the kidneys of a person are not working. Which treatment is administered?

Answer: Dialysis

115661. What is Dyspepsia?

Answer: Indigestion

115662. Write an example of a disease which affects Lungs:?

Answer: Tuberculosis

115663. Where is the disease Meningitis affected?

Answer: Brain and Spinal Cord

115664. Which is the lens used to correct Astigmatism?

Answer: Cylindrical lens

115665. Where is Diptheria affected?

Answer: Throat

115666. The part of the human body affected by Jaundice?

Answer: Liver

115667. Which is the disease that affect the teeth and gum?

Answer: Pyorrhoea

115668. Where is paralysis affected?

Answer: Nerves

115669. Oldest disease in the world?

Answer: Leprosy

115670. The most common disease in the world?

Answer: Nasopharingitis (cold)

115671. Which disease is respiratory in nature?

Answer: Emphysema

115672. Name the enzyme present in tear that acts as a germicide:?

Answer: Lysozyme

115673. Which is the disease caused by the acids in the digestive juices?

Answer: Peptic ulcer

115674. Which is the lens used to correct long sight?

Answer: Convex lens

115675. AIDS disease is confirmed through which test?

Answer: Western blot test

115676. HIV is a ............... virus?

Answer: retro

115677. Disease known as “sailors plague’?

Answer: scurvy

115678. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin-D?

Answer: Ricket

115679. What is anthology?

Answer: Study of flowers

115680. What is Entomology?

Answer: It is a branch of zoology which deals with insects

115681. What is Malacology?

Answer: The study of mollusca is termed as malacology

115682. What is Herpetology?

Answer: The study of reptiles is known as Herpetology

115683. What is plurology?

Answer: Study of lungs

115684. What is hepatology?

Answer: Study of liver

115685. What is Bionics?

Answer: Bionics is a branch of study dealing with sensory perception of birds

115686. What is Ichthylogy?

Answer: The study of fishes is known as Ichthyology

115687. What is the branch of zoology dealing with whales called?

Answer: Cetology

115688. What is Conchology?

Answer: It is the science dealing with the study of shells

115689. What does Trichology deal with?

Answer: It deals with the study of hair

115690. What is the name of that branch of biology which is identifying; naming and classifying organisms?

Answer: Taxonomy

115691. What is Dendrology?

Answer: The Study of trees are called dendrology

115692. What is Botany?

Answer: Study of plants

115693. Study of seeds?

Answer: Spermology

115694. What is agrostology?

Answer: The study of grasses is called

115695. What is Histology?

Answer: Histology is the study of tissues (microscopic anatomy)

115696. What is Physiology?

Answer: Physiology is the study of structure and functions of organisms

115697. What is Osteology?

Answer: It is the study of bones

115698. What is Cell Biology?

Answer: Cell Biology is the study of structure and reproduction of cells.

115699. What do you mean by Genetics?

Answer: Genetics is the study of heredity and variations

115700. What is the science of disease called?

Answer: Pathology
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