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115601. Which is the largest and strongest vertebrae in the vertebral column?

Answer: Lumbar vertebrae

115602. Number of spinal nerves in man?

Answer: 31 pairs

115603. Where is Rods and Cones present?

Answer: Retina

115604. How is Myopia corrected?

Answer: Concave lens

115605. How many cranial nerves are present in man?

Answer: 12 pairs

115606. Which is the master gland of the body?

Answer: Pituitary gland

115607. Which hormone helps in childbirth?

Answer: Oxytocin

115608. What is the blood pressure of a normal adult man?

Answer: 120/80 mm Hg

115609. Name a vestigial organ in the alimentary canal of man:?

Answer: Vermiform appendix

115610. Which vitamin is produced inside the human body?

Answer: Vitamin-D

115611. Bacteria residing in the intestine produce a particular vitamin called?

Answer: Vitamin K

115612. Which enzyme works in an acidic medium?

Answer: Pepsin

115613. Which material is essential for the formation of Red blood cells?

Answer: Folic acid

115614. Which gland helps to maintain the calcium content in blood?

Answer: Parathyroid

115615. Which disease is caused by the infection of HIV virus?

Answer: AIDS

115616. What is the name of the test for the detection of AIDS?

Answer: Eliza test

115617. Which organ of human body store the digested sugar?

Answer: Liver

115618. Where is bile produced?

Answer: Liver

115619. Which is the largest-gland of the body?

Answer: Liver

115620. Which organ is affected by cirrhosis?

Answer: Liver

115621. Who developed Chemotherapy?

Answer: Paul Earling

115622. Which is the branch of science that deals with the study of blood?

Answer: Haematology

115623. Which is the single movable bone in the human skull?

Answer: Lower jaw bone

115624. Which is the disease caused due to the lack of Vitamin B in human beings?

Answer: Beri-beri

115625. Which gland in the human body is popularly called Adam's Apple?

Answer: Thyroid gland

115626. Trachoma is a disease affecting which organ?

Answer: Eye

115627. How many bones are there in the human skull?

Answer: 22

115628. How many ribs are there in the human body?

Answer: 24

115629. Which is the membrane covering the cornea of the eye?

Answer: Conjunctiva

115630. Which vitamin is needed for the formation of bones and teeth?

Answer: Vitamin D

115631. In which form is Glucose stored in the liver?

Answer: Glycogen

115632. Bones and teeth in the human body are made of which material?

Answer: Calcium phosphate

115633. Which organ helps to process white blood cells; destroys old red blood cells and stores iron'?

Answer: Spleen

115634. Which protein forms hair and nails?

Answer: Keratin

115635. What is the more common name for the tympanic membrane?

Answer: Ear drum

115636. Which disease is known as ‘bending disease’?

Answer: Chikun Guniya

115637. Which disease is known as ‘break bone disease’?

Answer: Dengue fever

115638. Which is known as ‘killer pneumonia’?

Answer: SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

115639. Malaria is also known as?

Answer: Black Water fever

115640. Which organ is known as ‘Grave yard in human body’?

Answer: Spleen

115641. Malaria affects which organ?

Answer: Spleen

115642. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin-A?

Answer: Night blindness

115643. Which is the vaccine against tuberculosis?

Answer: B.C.G Vaccine

115644. What is the result found due to the deficiency of Vitamin K?

Answer: Extensive bleeding

115645. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D?

Answer: Rickets

115646. Which skin disease is formed due to the deficiency of Vitamin B2?

Answer: Dermatitis

115647. Which disease is caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12?

Answer: Pernicious anaemia

115648. Which disease affects the bone marrow and tissues which produce blood corpuscles?

Answer: Leukemia

115649. The clinical condition caused by the deficiency of thyroxin in children is?

Answer: Cretinism

115650. Which disease is caused from sexual contact?

Answer: Gonorrhoea
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