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115551. Each nephron open into a large tubule called?

Answer: Collecting duct

115552. What are the components of urine?

Answer: Urine contains about 95% of water and 5% of urea; salts and other waste product

115553. What do you mean by osmoregulation?

Answer: Regulation of the water content in the body of an organism is known as osmoregulation

115554. What is ADH?

Answer: ADH is the antidiuretic hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which helps in osmo regulation.

115555. What is the main symptom of diabetes insipidus?

Answer: The person suffering from diabetes insipidus loses plenty of water through his urine

115556. What is nephritis?

Answer: Nephritis is the inflammation of the kidney

115557. What is the functional unit of chromosome?

Answer: Gene

115558. Name the instrument to record the brain waves:?

Answer: Electro Encephalo Graph

115559. Where in the body would you find 'carpals' and 'phalanges'?

Answer: They are bones in the hand

115560. What is the 'fontanelle'?

Answer: A soft area of cartilage on a baby’s head where the skull bones have not yet joined

115561. Which tube begins from the kidney and opens into the urinary bladder?

Answer: Ureter

115562. What is the bunch of capillaries seen inside the Bowman's capsule called?

Answer: Glomerulus

115563. Deficiency of what causes the diabetes insipidus?

Answer: ADH

115564. What is ‘epidermis’?

Answer: The outermost layer of the skin

115565. The deficiency of insulin causes a condition of?

Answer: Diabetes mellitus

115566. What is formed when ammonia is combined with carbon dioxide?

Answer: Urea

115567. What is the common name of Larynx?

Answer: Voice Box

115568. Where is fat stored in our body?

Answer: Adipose tissue

115569. Name the finger like projection present in the wall of small intestine meant for absorption?

Answer: Villi

115570. When is BCG vaccination to be given to a new born child?

Answer: Immediately after birth

115571. What is formed when proteins are digested?

Answer: Amino acid

115572. Which chief fuel is used by cells for the production of energy?

Answer: Glucose

115573. What is the more common name for the 'patella'?

Answer: The knee - cap

115574. What is the other name for the 'Scapula'?

Answer: Shoulder blade

115575. Where in the body would you find the epiglottis?

Answer: In the throat

115576. What is the fluid that lubricates and cushions the movable joints between the bones?

Answer: Synovial fluid

115577. Name two types of photoreceptors present in the eye:?

Answer: Rods and cones

115578. Which vitamin is responsible for anti-sterile activity?

Answer: Vitamine -E

115579. Which prevents diseases in the human body?

Answer: White Blood Corpuscles

115580. Tibia is a bone found in the :?

Answer: Leg

115581. Which mineral is present in greater proportion in bones?

Answer: Calcium

115582. Which part of the human body is the disease pneumonia affected?

Answer: Lungs

115583. Deficiency of which constituent is the case of dehydration?

Answer: Water

115584. Which element is present in maximum amount in human body?

Answer: Oxygen

115585. Which is the most abundant organic molecules in living organisms?

Answer: Proteins

115586. Redblood corpuscles are formed in?

Answer: Bonemarrow

115587. Where does cholera attack the body?

Answer: Small Intestine

115588. Which part of the body controls the 'reflex action'?

Answer: Spinal cord

115589. Name four basic types of tastes:?

Answer: Sweet; salty; sour and bitter

115590. Which part of the brain controls thought; memory; intelligence etc.?

Answer: Cerebrum

115591. Which organ secretes insulin?

Answer: Pancreas

115592. Which converts starch into maltose?

Answer: Saliva

115593. Which is the largest sense organ of the human body?

Answer: Skin

115594. Which blood group is known as 'universal donor'?

Answer: The 'O' group

115595. Which blood group is called universal recepient?

Answer: The AB group

115596. Which substance present in the skin is converted into Vitamin D by ultra violet radiations of the sun?

Answer: Ergosterol

115597. The human organ that destroys the worn out or damaged red cells and produces lymphocytes?

Answer: Spleen

115598. What is the life of a red blood cell?

Answer: The life of a red blood cell is 120 days

115599. Which is the first bone of the vertebral column?

Answer: Atlas

115600. Which is the second vertebral column?

Answer: Axis
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