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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2324

116201. Which orbit is Dum-bell shaped?

Answer: p-orbital

116202. Meson was discovered by?

Answer: Yukawa

116203. The photoelectric effect is described as the ejection of electrons from the surface of a metal when?

Answer: Light of suitable wavelength falls on it

116204. The charge on positron is equal to the charge on?

Answer: Proton

116205. Positive ions are formed from neutral atoms by loss of?

Answer: Electrons

116206. Cathode rays are?

Answer: Stream of electrons

116207. How many electrons are there in Na+?

Answer: 10

116208. How many moles are there in 140 g of Si(atomic mass of silicon is 28)?

Answer: 5

116209. Nuclear particles responsible for holding all nucleons together are?

Answer: Mesons

116210. Cathode rays can be deflected by?

Answer: Both types of fields

116211. Structure of solids is investigated by using?

Answer: X-rays

116212. The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is?

Answer: Fermi

116213. Erg sec is the unit of?

Answer: Planck’s constant

116214. Maxwell is the unit of?

Answer: Magnetic flux

116215. Unit of solid angle is?

Answer: Steradian

116216. Pick out the only scalar quantity?

Answer: Power

116217. Five equal forces of 10 N each are applied at one point and all are lying in one plane. If angles between them are equal, the resultant of these forces wil be?

Answer: Zero

116218. Bernoulli’s principle does not explain?

Answer: Lift of a jet

116219. An ideal liquid flows through a horizontal tube of variable diameter. The pressure is lowest where the?

Answer: Velocity is highest

116220. When a fluid passes through the constricted part of a pipe its?

Answer: Velocity increases and pressure decreases

116221. The rate of leak from a hole in a tank is?

Answer: More if situated near the bottom

116222. Dynamic lift is related to?

Answer: Bernoulli’s theorem

116223. A gale blows over a house. The force due to the gale on the roof is?

Answer: In the upward direction

116224. A large tank having a small hole at the bottom is filled with water to a height h. if the stream of water coming out of the hole is directed vertically upwards it will?

Answer: Rise to height h

116225. The velocity of flow of a liquid through an orifice at the bottom of a tank depends on the?

Answer: Both (b) and (c)

116226. An application of bernoulli’s equation for fluid flow is found in?

Answer: Dynamic lift of an aeroplane

116227. What is the SI unit of pressure?

Answer: Pascal

116228. An object with a constant speed?

Answer: Is always accelerated

116229. Distance of stars is measured in?

Answer: Light year

116230. Earliest thermometer was developed by?

Answer: Galileo

116231. SI unit of temperature is?

Answer: Kelvin

116232. The correct value of 00C on the Kelvin scale is?

Answer: 27.315K

116233. The change in temperature of a body is 500C. the change on Kelvin scale is?

Answer: 50K

116234. The temperature of a gas is measured with a?

Answer: Pyrometer

116235. The temperature of the sun is measured with?

Answer: Pyrometer

116236. Fahrenheit scale divides two fixed points into?

Answer: 180 Parts

116237. SI unit of heat is?

Answer: Joule

116238. When an object is heated, the molecules of that object?

Answer: Began to move faster

116239. At oK the velocity of the molecule is?

Answer: Zero

116240. If the earth were to stop rotating the value of ‘g’?

Answer: Increases

116241. If we move from the equator to a pole the value og ‘g’?

Answer: Increases

116242. The escape velocity of a particle of mass m varies as?

Answer: m0

116243. If the earths were to skin faster, acceleration due to gravity at the poles?

Answer: Remains unchanged

116244. The total energy of a particle vibrating in S.H.M. is propotional to the squre of its?

Answer: Amplitude

116245. The young’s modulus for perfectly rigid body is?

Answer: Infinite

116246. The Modulus of rigidity of a liquid is?

Answer: 0

116247. The operating principle of a hydraulic press is?

Answer: Pascal’s principle

116248. A floating body always displaces liquid equal to its own?

Answer: Weight

116249. Bernoulli’s theorem is based on the conversation is?

Answer: Energy

116250. Bernoulli’s theorem is applicable to?

Answer: Flow of liquids
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