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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 2325

116251. ’Dynamic lift’ is related to?

Answer: Bernoulli’s theorem

116252. A liquid will not wet the surface of solid if the angle of contact is?

Answer: Obtuse

116253. Meniscus of mercury in a capillary is?

Answer: Convex

116254. with the rise of temperature the surface tension of a liquid?

Answer: Decreases

116255. Kilowatt is a unit to measure?

Answer: Power

116256. Light year is measurement of?

Answer: Stellar distance

116257. Very small time intervals can be accurately measured by?

Answer: Atomic clocks

116258. Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of?

Answer: Centrifugal force

116259. When body is immersed in a liquid it force acting on it is?

Answer: Upthrust

116260. A Liquid drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of?

Answer: Surface tension

116261. Newton’s first law also called as?

Answer: Law of inertia

116262. Number of basic SI unit is?

Answer: 7

116263. Light year is unit of:?

Answer: Distance

116264. SI unit of luminious intensity is:?

Answer: Candela

116265. Parasec is the unit of:?

Answer: Distance

116266. Ampere is the unit of:?

Answer: Current electricity

116267. Curie is the unit of:?

Answer: Radio activity

116268. Decibel is the unit of?

Answer: Intensity of sound

116269. One astronomical unit is the average distance between?

Answer: Earth and the sun

116270. the most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radious is?

Answer: Fermi

116271. Distance of stars are measured in?

Answer: Light year

116272. Masses of stars and galaxies are usually expressed in terms of?

Answer: Solar mass

116273. When body is accelerated:?

Answer: Its speed may or may not changes

116274. Definition of force comes from newtons?

Answer: First law of motion

116275. A Rocket works on the principle of conversation of?

Answer: Linear momentum

116276. Two satellite are moving in the same circular orbit around the earth they must have the same?

Answer: Speed

116277. The ratio of the inertial mass to gravitational mass is equal to?

Answer: 1

116278. The intensity of the earth’s gravitational field is maximum at?

Answer: The pole

116279. As we go from the equator to the poles, the value of g?

Answer: Increases

116280. A satellite revolves around the earths in elliptic orbit its speed is?

Answer: Greatest when it is closest to the earths

116281. The escape velocity from the surface of the earths does not depend on?

Answer: Mass of the body

116282. The science related with the study of living–?

Answer: Biology

116283. Scientist who is known as father of Botany –?

Answer: Theophrastus

116284. Oath taken by medical graduates is given by–?

Answer: Hippocrates

116285. Who is known as father of Zoology –?

Answer: Aristotle

116286. Branch of biology in which we study about cultivation of flowering plant–?

Answer: Floriculture

116287. Study of flower is called–?

Answer: Anthology

116288. Palaeobotany is the branch of botany is which we study about–?

Answer: Plant fossils

116289. Mycology is the branch of botany in which we study about–?

Answer: Fungi

116290. Silviculture is the branch of botany in which we study about–?

Answer: Development of forest

116291. Branch of agriculture concerned with the production of crops–?

Answer: Agronomy

116292. Phycology is the branch of botany in which we study about–?

Answer: Algae

116293. Who is know as father of Biology?

Answer: Aristotle

116294. The term biology was first coined by –?

Answer: Lamark and Treviranus

116295. Branch of biology in which we study about relationship between living and their environment.?

Answer: Ecology

116296. Who is known as father of medicine?

Answer: Hippocrates

116297. The term biology is derived from the language –?

Answer: Greek

116298. The book Historia Plantrum is written by –?

Answer: Theophrastus

116299. Botany is also known as –?

Answer: Phytology

116300. Aristotle is not known as –?

Answer: Father of Botany
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