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117101. Who elects the two nominees from Anglo-Indian Community in Lok Sabha?

Answer: Two by President

117102. Who established his headquarters at Tiruchengode Asrama in salem district in 1925?

Answer: C. Rajagopalachari

117103. Who founded the Indian Association of Calcutta in 1876?

Answer: Surendranath Banerjee

117104. Who headed the Shimla delegation to the Viceroy, Lord Wavell?

Answer: Maulana Abulkalam Azad

117105. Who is empowered by Indian Constitution to employ a state Chief Minister?

Answer: Governor

117106. Who is empowered by the Indian Constitution to appoint the Attorney General of India?

Answer: President of India

117107. Who is empowered to appoint the Judges of Supreme Court?

Answer: President on advice of the Chief Justice

117108. Who is regarded as the chief architect of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: B.R.Ambedkar

117109. Who is the chief adviser to the President of India?

Answer: Prime Minister

117110. Who is the constitutional head of the Indian union?

Answer: President of India

117111. Who is the current and 15th Attorney General of India?

Answer: K.K. Venugopal

117112. Who is the current Chairman of Rajya Sabha as of 2017?

Answer: Mohammad Hamid Ansari(vice-president)

117113. Who is the current Chief Justice of India as of 2017?

Answer: Dipak Misra is the current Chief Justice of India?

117114. Who is the current Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha as of 2017?

Answer: M. Thambidurai

117115. Who is the current leader of the upper house ‘Rajya Sabha’?

Answer: Arun Jaitley

117116. Who is the current Speaker of the Lok Sabha as of 2017?

Answer: Sumitra Mahajan

117117. Who is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha as of 2017?

Answer: P. J. Kurien

117118. Who is the famous writer of ‘Introduction to the Constitution of India’?

Answer: Durga Das Basu

117119. Who is the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel(1947-1950)

117120. Who is the first President of India?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

117121. Who is the Head of two house of Parliament?

Answer: President

117122. Who is the inaugural Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1964)

117123. Who is the leader of the lower house Lok Sabha?

Answer: Narendra Modi (Prime Minister)BJP

117124. Who is the only person holding the right of appointment of Chief Justice of India?

Answer: President of India

117125. Who is the Chairman of the Union Cabinet?

Answer: Prime Minister is the chairman of Union Cabinet

117126. Who led the first minority government of the country.?

Answer: VP Singh

117127. Who led the nation's first non-Congress government.?

Answer: Morazji Desai

117128. Who said this famous constitutional quote that “Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.”

Answer: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

117129. Who said this famous quote that “Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.”?

Answer: Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

117130. Who was described as "Millowner, Merchant and Zamindar"?

Answer: G.D.Birla

117131. Who was elected the president of Constituent Assembly after Sacchidananda Sinha?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

117132. Who was responsible for the unification of India after Independence.?

Answer: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

117133. Who was the British Prime Minister during India’s Independence?

Answer: Clement Atlee

117134. Who was the chairman of the Minorities Committee?

Answer: Harendra Coomar Mukerjee

117135. Who was the first temporary ‘two day’ president of the Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Sachchidananda Sinha

117136. Who was the Governor General during India’s Independence?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten

117137. Who was the legal advisor to the constitution’s Drafting Committee?

Answer: B. N. Rau

117138. Who was the President of All India Muslim League?

Answer: Muhammad Ali Jinnah

117139. Who was the President of Provincial Constitution Committee of Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

117140. Who was the President of States Committee of Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

117141. Why 26 November is observed as Indian Constitution Day or Samvidhan Divas?

Answer: On this day in 1949 the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India that came into effect on 26 January 1950. Government of India declared 26 November as Constitution Day on November 2015 on a occassion of B. R. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary.

117142. With what subject do the Articles 5 to 8 of the Constitution of India deal?

Answer: Citizenship

117143. Within how many days Money Bill can be recommended by council of states?

Answer: 14 Days

117144. കേരളത്തിലെ ആദ്യ ആരോഗ്യം വകുപ്പ് മന്ത്രി? [Keralatthile aadya aarogyam vakuppu manthri?]

Answer: ഡോ. എ. ആർ. മേനോൻ [Do. E. Aar. Menon]

117145. കേരളത്തിലെ ലോക സഭാ മണ്ഡലങ്ങളുടെ എണ്ണം? [Keralatthile loka sabhaa mandalangalude ennam?]

Answer: 20

117146. കേരള നിയമസഭയിലെ ആദ്യ ഡെപ്യൂട്ടി സ്പിക്കർ? [Kerala niyamasabhayile aadya depyootti spikkar?]

Answer: കെ. ഓ ഐ ഷാഭായി [Ke. O ai shaabhaayi]

117147. കേരള നിയമസഭയെ അഭിസംബോധന ചെയ്ത ആദ്യ പ്രസിഡന്റ്? [Kerala niyamasabhaye abhisambodhana cheytha aadya prasidantu?]

Answer: കെ ആർ നാരായണൻ [Ke aar naaraayanan]

117148. ''ഒരച്ഛന്റെ ഓർമ്മക്കുറിപ്പുകൾ "രചിച്ചതാര്? [''orachchhante ormmakkurippukal "rachicchathaar?]

Answer: ഈച്ഛര വാര്യർ [Eechchhara vaaryar]

117149. "ആത്മകഥ "ആരുടെ ആത്മകഥയാണ്? ["aathmakatha "aarude aathmakathayaan?]

Answer: ഇ.എം.എസ് [I. Em. Esu]

117150. "പതറാതെ മുന്നോട്ട്"ആരുടെ ആത്മകഥയാണ്? ["patharaathe munnottu"aarude aathmakathayaan?]

Answer: കെ. കരുണാകരൻ [Ke. Karunaakaran]
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