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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1098

54901. In figure the coordinates of Q point on the load line are (Neglect VBE)

54902. Where is the headquarters of Benelux Economic Union?

54903. The emitter resistor RE in the emitter of CE amplifier stabilizes the dc operating point against variation in

54904. Which of the following circuit does not need a coupling capacitor?

54905. Assertion (A): A large negative feedback is deliberately introduced in an amplifier to make its gain independent of variation is in parameters of active device and other components.Reason (R): A large negative feedback results in a high value of return difference compared to unity which makes the feedback gain inversely proportional to feedback factor.

54906. In case of a transistor amplifier the emitter resistance Re is removed

54907. In oscillators class C operation is preferred because

54908. In a common emitter circuit all voltages are measured with respect to

54909. A ripple in collector supply voltage of the output stage of amplifier causes noise.

54910. In a transistor IE = 10 mA, ICO = 0.5 μA and a = 0.995. Then ICEO =

54911. As a compared to a CB amplifier, a CE amplifier has

54912. The stray capacitance between the last stage and the first stage of an oscillator may cause

54913. In a voltage regulator circuit using zener diode the load voltage is nearly constant only if

54914. Zionism is a world movement of:

54915. Figure shows basic Hartley oscillator configuration. Do you think the polarities marked for the split coiled are correct?

54916. If the Q of a single-stage single-tuned amplifier is doubled, then its bandwidth will

54917. A boot strap generally incorporates

54918. The common-drain amplifier, better known as the source follower, has a voltage gain __________ and the output signal is __________ with the input signal.

54919. In CB amplifier the distortion of the input voltage waveform may occur due to

54920. As compared to full wave rectifier, a half wave rectifier

54921. Assertion (A): A self bias circuit is the most commonly used bias circuit for bipolar junction transistorsReason (R): A self bias circuit limits the increase in collector or emitter current due to change in junction temperature.

54922. In an amplifier if conductor during the cycle is from 0 to 90° and again from 180° to 270°, the amplifier will be termed as

54923. A sine wave with slew rate distortion looks like

54924. In the case of the circuit shown in the figure, the collector current IC will be, if β = 100, VBE = 0.7 V, ICO = 0.1 βA at 20°C

54925. A three-section RC phase shift oscillator has R = 10K ohms and C = 0.001 μF. The frequency of oscillations is

54926. Jallianwala Bagh is situated in:

54927. Assertion (A): Electric coupling, magnetic coupling and ground loop can cause unwanted high frequency oscillations.Reason (R): Hartley oscillator uses a tapped inductor

54928. In figure VCE (sat) = 0.1 V. Then IC (sat) =

54929. Power transistors are invariably provided with

54930. Assertion (A): The ac load line is different from dc load lineReason (R): The ac load resistance seen by collector and emitter is different from dc load resistance

54931. In a class C operation VCC = 40 V and VCE(sat) = 0.4 V. The efficiency is

54932. The circuit shown in figure will

54933. The absolute values of pinch-off voltage and gate-source cut-off voltage are

54934. A radio frequency choke permits an easy flow of __________ current and at the same time it offers a very impedance to __________ currents.

54935. Assertion (A): In an op-amp the gain bandwidth product equals ffinityReason (R): The change in open loop gain of an amplifier has almost no effect on closed loop gain

54936. Lower chip area requirements of MOS is advantage in

54937. For high frequency response of a transistor amplifier, suitable model to use is

54938. A transistor with a = 0.98 then β will be

54939. Harmonic distortion in CB amplifier may be least when the load resistance is

54940. If a common emitter amplifier with an emitter resistance RC has an overall transconductance gain of 1 m A/V, a voltage gain of - 4 and desensitivity of 50, then the value of the emitter resistance R would be

54941. Turn on time of a transistor switch is equal to sum of (where tr is rise time, td is delay time)

54942. For the circuit shown in the figure, the capacitor C is initially uncharged. At t = 0, the switch S is closed. The voltage Vc across the capacitor at t = 1 millisecond is (In the figure shown above, the op-amp is supplied with ± 15 V and the ground has been shown by the symbol)

54943. In amplifiers, the parasitic oscillation result due to

54944. When a transistor is to be at a temperature above 25°C

54945. Assertion (A): In monolithic IC the components are part of one chipReason (R): An op-amp is a high gain dc amplifier

54946. The most widely used LC oscillator is

54947. Which of the following statement is wrong?

54948. The disadvantage of FET over BJT is

54949. In a self bias circuit for CE amplifier, the base voltage is

54950. A push pull amplifier is a

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