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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1099

54951. An engineer designs an amplifier to have a voltage gain of 60, but when constructed it only had a gain of 50. How much feedback should be used to provide the desired level?

54952. Which of the following oscillator circuits uses three capacitors in the phase shifting network?

54953. Consider the following rectifier circuits : half-wave rectifier without filterfull-wave rectifier without filterfull-wave rectifier with series inductance filterfull-wave rectifier with capacitance filter. The sequence of these rectifier circuits in decreasing order of their ripple factor is

54954. The depletion type MOSFET can operate in

54955. In figure, D2 turns on when

54956. One of the following can be used to generate a pulse whenever triggered

54957. Figure shows the feedback network of one of the very popular types of sinusoidal oscillators. Which one is that?

54958. Which amplifier has the higher power gain?

54959. 2N 2430 could be a

54960. If re is ac resistance of diode, the Thevenin input impedance of a differential amplifier is

54961. In figure the trace on the CRO will be

54962. The circuit shown I/P in the figure represents

54963. To have a centred Q point in CE amplifier

54964. The h parameter equivalent to ac resistance re is

54965. In figure the diode is ideal (zero cut in voltage zero forward resistance). Then the current through diode is

54966. The theoretical maximum efficiency of a half wave diode rectifier is

54967. The famous Vedic saying “War begins in the minds of men” is stated in?

54968. In a transistor push pull amplifier

54969. When negative feedback is used the fractional changes in closed loop gain are desensitized by the factor (1 + Avβ)

54970. Which of the following statement about JFET is true?

54971. Which of the following is the common feature between FETs and bipolars?

54972. The circuit shown in the figure is that of

54973. The current through common emitter resistor of a differential amplifier is called

54974. V MOS have the advantage of

54975. For an op-amp source follower circuit

54976. In CE approximation, the upper end of d.c. load line is called the __________ point and the lower end is the __________ point.

54977. In a class C power amplifier

54978. A low noise device is most important

54979. How many cascaded stage of CE amplifiers will result in polarity inversion of the input signal?

54980. Circuit shown in the figure is

54981. The gain of a source follower is unity.

54982. In a transistor, current ICBO flow when

54983. The D.C. alpha(a ) of a transistor is approximately

54984. The period of oscillation of a symmetrical multivibrator depends upon the discharging time constant and is roughly given by

54985. For the high-pass circuit to act as a differentiator, the time constant must be

54986. When a CE transistor is cut off

54987. With JFETs cascade means

54988. The bandwidth of an amplifier can be reduced by

54989. To draw dc equivalent circuit for a CE amplifier circuit we should

54990. The maximum efficiency of class A amplifier is

54991. In a cascade amplifier, the intermediate stages are always in

54992. For an amplifier the power gain in decibels will be equal to voltage gain in decibels only when

54993. ’Life Divine’was written by:

54994. Which of the following are linear ICs?

54995. The more negative gate voltage, the conductive channel becomes

54996. Which circuit has its output signal from, the emitter?

54997. If I had won the lottery---------- a millionaire(Conditional)

54998. A JFET is a

54999. Which configuration has high input impedance and low output impedance?

55000. Assertion (A): An ac amplifier uses coupling capacitors at input and outputReason (R): The capacitive reactance varies inversely with frequency. It is infinite for dc

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