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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1110

55501. ELFA,GLHA,HJA---------------MLNA

55502. Assertion (A): In simplifying block diagram the product of transfer functions in feed forward direction must remain the same.Reason (R): In simplifying block diagram the product of transfer functions around a closed loop must remain the same.

55503. There are 3 friends.B and Each of them have a Hat and a Cycle.Each of them is wearing another person’s hat and riding the cycle of the third person(i.e.None of them is using their own hat and cycle).If A is wearing B’s hat and riding C’s cycle,who is riding A’s cycle?

55504. A 1 km long train passes through a tunnel of 1 km length at a speed of 1 km per minute.How much time will it take to pass through it completely?

55505. For a type 1 system and unit parabolic input, the steady state error is

55506. In a particular code language GREET is coded as FQDDS,how is FORD coded in that language?

55507. P.Q.R and S are playing game of carom.P.R.and S.Q are partners.S is to the right of R.If R is facing west,then Q is facing?

55508. The pole zero plot in the given figure is for

55509. What is the angle between the minute hand and hour hand of a clock at half past two?

55510. The response to sinusoidal excitation can be found by

55511. A is two years older than B,who is twice as old as If total ages of A,B and C be 27,how old is B?

55512. Assertion (A): Industrial robots improve productivity.Reason (R): Robots can handle monotonous and complex jobs without error in operation.

55513. A vendor bought 3 chocolates for 1 rupee.For how much per chocolate should he sell,to gain a profit of 50%?

55514. The phase angle curve of G(jω) H(jω) is drawn by adding the phase angles of individual factors.

55515. If a/3=b/4=c/7,then(a+b+c)/c=

55516. Temperature is analogous to

55517. A student multiplied a number by 3/5 instead of 5/What is the percentage error?

55518. Consider the following statements about polar plots Addition of a non-zero pole to a transfer function results in further rotation of polar plot through an angle of - 90° as ω → ∞Addition of a pole at the origin to a transfer function rotates the polar plot at zero and infinite frequencies by a further angle of - 90° Of the above statements:

55519. The number of marble slabs of size 20 cm x 20 cm required to pave the floor of a square room of side 3 metres is:

55520. The relative stability of a system is given by

55521. 75% of a number is added to 75,then the result is the number itself.What is the number?

55522. Assertion (A): Nyquist stability criterion uses the number of encirclements around (-1 + j0) point in GH plane to determine stabilityReason (R): The (-1 + j0) point in the s plane lies in the Nyquist path.

55523. A and B can do a work in 12 days .B and C together can do it in 15 days and C and A together in 20 days.If A,B,C work together,they will complete the work in:

55524. In a two phase servomotor the voltages applied to the two stator windings

55525. The prices of a scooter and TV are in a ratio 7:If scooter costs Rs.8,000 more than TV set.then price of TV set is:

55526. The phase angle characteristic in the given figure is for

55527. The distinguishing feature of Upanishadic thought is?

55528. At low frequencies the factor e-jωT and behave simple.

55529. In a family,Reshma is elder sister of Ragini.Soni is Reshma’s daughter and Saloni is Soni’s cousin.Ragini’s mother is Rajini.Ramini is the sister in law of ReshmWho is Soni’s grand mother?

55530. The overall transfer function for a unity feedback system is . Which of the following statements about this system are correct? Position error constant Kp is 4 System is type 1Velocity error constant is finite Select the answer as per following code:

55531. Find the odd one out in the sequence of numbers 2,5,10,17,26,37,50,64

55532. Bandwidth is proportional to speed of response.

55533. If’+’is denoted as’X’’-‘as’/’’x’as’-‘and’/’as’+’.What is the value of 10+5-3/1x7=

55534. The complicated shapes in the polar plots are only due to time constants in the numerator of transfer functions.

55535. Find the next letter in the sequence A,D,I,P,---------

55536. For a quadratic factor in denominator of transfer function the phase angle at corner frequency (in Bode phase angle plot)

55537. If A=2,M=26 and Z=52,then BET=

55538. . It is required that response settles to within 2% of final value for a step input. The settling time is

55539. Find the value of the following X(x-a)(x-b)(X-c)----------(x-z)

55540. If zeros at infinity are included in the count, the number of zeros of G(s) H(s) is

55541. Poles are arranged in straight line with 1 metre gap between them.How many poles will be there in a straight line of 30 metres?

55542. Which device used to convert low AC voltage into high AC voltage and vice-versa.?

55543. The book which contain reference about the Roman trade with Muziris of South India

55544. The distance of poles from origin depends on

55545. Which is the largest river in Kerala?

55546. In the field controlled motor the entire damping comes from

55547. In which year the Kolla varsham or the Malayalam Era was started?

55548. The system matrix of continuous time system described in state variable form is The systems is stable for all values of x and y satisfying

55549. Which foreign force were defeated by Marthanda Varma at Kolechal in 1741?

55550. The addition of a pole to the open loop transfer function pulls the root locus

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