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55451. The given figure shows a hybrid servosystem. The components 1, 2, 3, 4 are respectively

55452. For the signal flow graph of the given figure consider the following statements It has three forward pathsIt has three individual loopsIt has two non touching loops Out of above the correct statements are

55453. For the transport lag G(jω) = e-jωT, the polar plot is

55454. Consider the following statements: The positiveness of coefficients of characteristic equation is necessary as well as sufficient condition for stability of first and second order systems.The positiveness of coefficients of characteristic equation ensures negativeness of real roots but is not sufficient condition for stability of third and higher order systems. Out of above statements:

55455. Assertion (A): The time response, usually, is slower with lag compensation. Reason (R): The natural undamped frequency and bandwidth are increased.

55456. For the factor the corner frequency is

55457. For a second order system, the position of poles is shown in the given figure. This system is

55458. A lag compensator provides attenuation in

55459. A stepper motor is essentially

55460. Assertion (A): When the performance of a stable second order system is improved by a PID controller, the system may become unstable.Reason (R): PID controller increases the order of the system to 3.

55461. The root locus branches

55462. In force voltage analogy, displacement is analogous to

55463. M circles are symmetrical with respect to real axis.

55464. For the system with , the maximum resonance peak is

55465. The angular location of poles depends on

55466. For the characteristic equation s5 + s4 + 2s3 + 2s2 + 3s + 15 = 0, the number of roots in left half s plane are

55467. At corner frequency the phase angle of factor 1/(1 + jωT) is

55468. Frequency response approach is a simple approach to control system design.

55469. Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan is the oldest man to scale Mt.Everest(Comparative degree)

55470. For stable network the real parts of poles and zeros of driving point functions must be

55471. A compensating network has . If it is a phase lag circuit the value of a should be

55472. Consider the following expressions which indicate the step or impulse response of an initially relaxed system [5 - 4 e-2t] u(t)[e-2t + 5] u(t)d(t) + 8 e-2t u(t)d(t) + 4 e-2t u(t) Those which correspond to the step and impulse response of the same system include

55473. If Z is the number of zeros of 1 + G(s) H(s) in the right half s plane. N is the number of clockwise encircle elements of (-1 + jo) point. P is the number of poles of G(s) H(s) in right half s plane. The Nyquist stability criterion can be expressed as

55474. The given figure shows a control system. The maximum value of gain for which the system is stable is

55475. In a synchro transmitter

55476. The polar plot of G(jω) = 1/jω is

55477. The log magnitude for the system in the given figure is (where T = RC)

55478. For an unstable system the gain margin is indicative of how much the gain should be decreased to make the system stable.

55479. In the signal flow graph of the given figure, the number of forward paths is

55480. For a second order system with 0 < ξ < 1, the angle which poles make with negative real axis is

55481. The resolution of a wire wound potentiometer is about

55482. Consider the following statementsThe effect of feedback is to reduce system errorFeedback increases the system gain at one frequency but reduces the system gain as another frequencyFeedback can cause an originally stable system to become unstable Which of the above statements are correct?

55483. I ma the messenger of India’s ancient thoughts world over,--------------?(question tag)

55484. M circles are symmetrical with respect to

55485. India will be the largest economy------------2050---------China and the U.S.(Preposition)

55486. A lag compensator

55487. By age four,Varsh won------------brown belt,---------------first degree in Karate.(Articles)

55488. Assertion (A): An on off controller gives rise to oscillation of the output between two limits.Reason (R): Location of a pair of poles on jω axis gives rise to self sustained oscillations in the output.

55489. The minister sought to introduce an amendment to the Bill(Passive)

55490. Consider the following statements about transport-lag It is of non-minimum phase behaviourIt normally exists in thermal, hydraulic and pneumatic systemsIt has an excessive phase lag with no attenuation at high frequency Which of the above statements are correct?

55491. Anamika said,’God spared our lives because he wants us to do something meaningful.’(Reported Speech)

55492. Consider the following statements: If any root of characteristic equation has a positive real part the impulse response is unbounded and system is unstable.If all the roots of a characteristic equation have negative real parts, the impulse response decays to zero.If one or more non-repeated roots of characteristic equation are on jω axis impulse response is bounded but the system is unstable. Which of the above equations are correct?

55493. Myaunt gave the baby a beautiful rattle.(Mark the O. and Indir:O)

55494. If block diagrams of the given figure (a) and (b) are to be equivalent, then

55495. A man walks 30 metres towards South.Then,turning to his right,he walks 30 metres.Then turning to his left,he walks 20 metres,again he turns to his left and walks 30 metres.How far is he from his initial position?

55496. In root locus analysis the breakaway and break in points

55497. Find the odd one out in the sequence of numbers 25,27,30,35,42,53,65

55498. In control systems the output of sensor usually, is

55499. Fill up the next letter in the particular series B,C,E,G,K,M------------

55500. Magnetic amplifier is used for

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