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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1111

55551. Who among the following was not a participant in the revolt of 1857?

55552. Polar plot of a lag-lead compensator is a circle.

55553. Who was the founder of Ramakrishna Mission?

55554. For a type 0 system and unit ramp input, the steady state error is

55555. Indian National Congress,the first political party in India was founded by

55556. The Residuary powers mean the?

55557. Who was the person wrote a book on the economic drain of India caused by the British rule?

55558. In control systems the word controller includes

55559. Which Sathyagraha was Gandhiji’s first experiment in India?

55560. Assertion (A): When the forward gain of a system is increased, the transient response becomes oscillatory.Reason (R): Increasing the forward gain reduces steady state error.

55561. Who is the author of the book ‘The Other Side of Silence’,voice from the partition of India?

55562. The given figure shows dB magnitude plots for type 0, type 1 and type 2 systems. Out of these

55563. Samatva Samajam,the famous social reform movement in Kerala was founded by

55564. Assertion (A): A. For a unity feedback system, with , the settling time of step response is constant for all values of K ≥ 1Reason (R): The real part of the roots for all values of K ≥ 1 are negative.

55565. The social reformer who generally known as the Lincoln of Kerala?

55566. Assertion (A): F(s) is valid throughout s plane except at poles of F(s).Reason (R): £[f1(t) + f2(t)] = £[f1(t)] + £[f2(t)]

55567. The famous social reformer who organized the Kallumala Agitation in kerala?

55568. Find out the error:?

55569. Wagon Tragedy –A tragic episode of Malabar rebellion took place in the year of—

55570. In the given figure shows a root locus plot. Consider the following statements for this plot The open loop system is a second order systemThe system is overdamped for K > 1The system is stable for all values of K Which of the above statements are correct?

55571. The Savarna Jatha was led by

55572. Which among the following words means “understand fully”?

55573. Which cancer causing chemical has been banned by Union Government as food additive?

55574. In the given figure the number of combinations of three non touching loops is

55575. The international day of Yoga is observed on

55576. The poles of an RC function

55577. Which of the following state government has recently banned e-cigarettes?

55578. Which of the following is used to obtain output position in a position control system?

55579. India has successfully launched a record 20 satellites from which launch vehicle recently?

55580. In a synchro transmitter-control transformer, the voltage induced in rotor winding of control transformer is zero when the angular displacement between rotors of transmitter and transformer is

55581. Who was won the 2016 women’s singles Wimbledon Championship?

55582. In the given figure, the curves 1, 2, 3 are respectively for

55583. Human placenta is

55584. In the given figure, the number of individual loops is

55585. The third ventricle communicates with the fourth ventricle through

55586. DC tachogenerator can be used in

55587. Anterior interosseous nerve supplies

55588. In a two phase servomotor the two stator windings have a phase difference of

55589. Lymphatics from testis drain into

55590. For a stable system having two or more gain crossover frequencies the phase margin is measured at the highest crossover frequency.

55591. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE regarding cellulose?

55592. The block diagram of the given figure for

55593. The molecule important in the preparative steps of ‘beta’exidation of fatty acids

55594. In a two phasor servomotor, the direction of rotation of the rotating field depends on

55595. MAO inhibitors produce mood elevation because they

55596. Assertion (A): Points in the s plane at which function G(s) is not analytic are called singular, points.Reason (R): Singular points at which the function G(s) or its derivative approach infinity are called poles.

55597. Following are examples of ‘one carbon’groups EXCEPT

55598. Consider following statements: Integral of absolute magnitude of error = Integral time-absolute error = Integral time-square error = Which of the above are correct?

55599. Chylomicrons are synthesized by

55600. Gain margin and phase margin can be determined from Bode plots as well as Nyquist plot.

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