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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1112

55601. The lipoprotein which removes cholesterol from peripheral tissues and transport it to liver is

55602. Three major powers that emerged in southern India in the 7th century A.D. were?

55603. Vitamin A is mostly stored in which type of cells in the liver

55604. For the system in the given figure the root locus

55605. The major protein present in HDL is

55606. For the factor (1 + 0.5 jω) the corner frequency is

55607. The first external sign of decomposition is

55608. If damping ratio is 0.5, the lines joining complex poles with origin are inclined to negative real axis at

55609. The commonest cause of impotence in male

55610. At corner frequency the phase angle of factor is - 45°

55611. The following are signs of maceration except

55612. A system has two poles as shown in the given figure. The zeros are at infinity. If input is unit step, the steady state output is

55613. The following are defences for a doctor in a case of criminal negligence except

55614. A unity feedback system has the following open loop frequency response The gain margin and phase margin are

55615. The type of culture method employed in antibiotic sensitivity testing(disc diffusion method)

55616. The permanent magnet field system of brushless dc servo- motor is generally on

55617. Enrichment medium for vibrio cholera

55618. For any transfer function, the constant phase angle loci are

55619. The bacteria that survine the holder method of pasteurization of milk

55620. For an m x n matrix A, the eigen values are the roots of the characteristic equation

55621. Culture media sterilized by

55622. In force current analogy, displacement x is analogous to

55623. The following are examples of antioxidants except?

55624. Consider the following statements about variable reluctance stepper motor used in control system The static torque acting on rotor is a function of angular misalignment between stator and rotor teethThere are two positions of zero torque i.e, . Q = 0 and where T is the number of rotor teethBoth zero torque positions are stableWhen stator is excited, rotor is pulled into minimum reluctance position Of these statements, the correct ones are

55625. Bite cells are seen in

55626. For the system in the given figure, the gain margin is

55627. Necralytic migratory erythema is characteristically seen in association with

55628. Consider the following statements about root locus The root locus is symmetrical about real axis.If a root locus branch moves along the real axis from an open loop pole to zero or to infinity, this root locus branch is called real root branch.The breakaway points of the root locus are the solutions of Which statements out of above are correct?

55629. The effect of P53 is inhibited by

55630. In Bode plots the frequency at which two asymptotes meet is called corner frequency.

55631. Which of the following tissue is most sensitive to blockads by Atropine?

55632. In Bode plots, frequency is plotted on log scale.

55633. Which among the following is anester linked local anesthetic drug?

55634. For a type 1 system and unit step input, the steady state error is

55635. Which of the following is not a use of dexamethasone?

55636. Nichol's chart is symmetric about - 180° axis.

55637. Which of the following is a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor?

55638. In the signal flow graph in the given figure the number of forward paths and pairs of non-touching loops are respectively

55639. Oxidation pond is a method used for

55640. Assertion (A): The phase angle plot in Bode diagram is not affected by change in system gain.Reason (R): The variation in gain has no effect on phase margin of the system.

55641. Administration of benzathine penicillin in patients with rheumatic heart disease(RHD)is an intervention aimed at prevention at what level

55642. The phase difference (jω - p1) means

55643. Which of the following sets of parameters are taken into account in Kuppuswamy’s socio economic status classification?

55644. If poles lie in first quadrant, damping ratio is

55645. Both temporary and permanent hardness can be removed by

55646. For type 0 system the starting point (i.e. ω = 0) of polar plot is finite and is on positive real axis.

55647. ’Horner-Trantas dots’are seen in

55648. Which control action can never be used alone?

55649. All are true about”Complicated Cataract”Except

55650. If , the number of branches of root locus are

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