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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1150

57501. A 16 bit binary adder has

57502. Digital circuits mostly use

57503. The contents of stack location after the call operation will be

57504. In figure, R = 20KΩ and C = 75 pF. The converter clock frequency will be

57505. If a microcomputer has a 64 K memory; what is the hexadecimal notations for the first memory location?

57506. In the switching circuit, switches A, B have value 0 for OFF, 1 for ON and the output Y has 0 volts for 1 volts, then the expression for Y is

57507. 2's complement number 00011111 = __________ 10

57508. In 8085 microprocessor, what is the length of temporary register?

57509. The problem of current lagging is associated with

57510. In a NOT gate the output is always the opposite of the input.

57511. "Micro-programming" is a technique

57512. Status register in the 8156 contains information about

57513. The noise margin of a TTL gate is about

57514. TTL circuit with active pull up is preferred because of its suitability for

57515. A parity check usually can detect

57516. Which of the following is 'synchronous'?

57517. TRAP is __________ whereas RST 7.5, RST 6.5, RST 5.5 are __________ .

57518. For a binary half subtractor having two inputs A and B the correct sets of logical expressions for the outputs D (A - B) and X = Borrow are

57519. In a flip-flop with a NAND latch, a low R and a low S produces

57520. ECL can be used to high frequencies in the order of

57521. The output Y of the circuit shown in the figure is

57522. Status register in the 8156 is read with

57523. Binary 1111 when subtracted from binary 11111 is

57524. Computer virus is a piece of rough software of unknown origin that

57525. What is the result for expression (map method)? AB C + AD + D (B + C) + AC + A D

57526. In a 4 bit full adder how many half adders and OR gates are required

57527. Which of the following is not a specification of D/A and A/D converters?

57528. Words having 8 bits are to be stored into computer memory. The number of lines required for writing into memory are

57529. In 8085, to disable the whole interrupt system (except TRAP)

57530. The reason for glitches on the outputs of decoding gates on a synchronous counter is

57531. EEPROM is also known as

57532. The MOS symbols shown indicates: that it is depletion typethat it is enhancement typethat it is n channelthat it is p channelthat electrons flow from D to Sthat holes flow from D to S The only true statements are

57533. As compared to TTL, CMOS logic has

57534. Decimal number 5436 when converted into 9's complement will become

57535. What is output 'Z' of an EX-OR gate, whose all inputs are set at A?

57536. Minimum number of J-K flip-flop needed to construct a BCD counter is

57537. The following switching functions are to be implemented using a decoder f1 = ∑m (1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 14)f2 = ∑m (2, 5, 9, 15)f3 = ∑m (2, 4, 5, 6, 7) The minimum configuration of decoder is

57538. For the logic circuit of the given figure the simplified Boolean expression is

57539. A buffer is a device that isolates other devices. Typically a buffer has

57540. Which of the following is used as switch?

57541. In a positive edge triggered D flip flop

57542. The first contribution to logic was made by

57543. Average latency time of magnetic tape memory is of the order of

57544. Which one of the following is loaded in the main memory by the bootstrap loader?

57545. In a NAND SR latch S = 0, R = 1 then

57546. Microprocessors find applications in

57547. The characteristic equation of flip-flop gives the next state QN + 1 in terms of present state QN and the inputs. Which one of the following is the characteristic equation of J - K flip-flop?

57548. If we need a device to shut off a few ampere current in a few nano seconds, the proper devices is

57549. The 2732 is 4096 x 8 EPROM. How many address lines does it have?

57550. What feature of C++ was dropped in Java?

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