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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1149

57451. The given figure shows a K-map for a Boolean function. The number of essential prime implicants is

57452. For the logic circuit given, what is the simplified Boolean function?

57453. An XOR gate with 6 variables is as follows A ⊕ B ⊕ C ⊕ D ⊕ E ⊕ F. The number of minterms in the Boolean expression is

57454. Semiconductor ROM's are sometimes preferred to semiconductor RAM's because

57455. RAMs can be built with bipolar or CMOS transistor RAMs that are not possible with bipolar transistors are

57456. RS latch can be built with

57457. In D-type FF, Preset (Pr) and clear (Clr) inputs are called

57458. Which memory is available in all technologies?

57459. Four MSI TTL 4-bit ripple counters are cascaded to form a 16-bit binary counter. Its propagation delay is about __________ nanoseconds.

57460. The Boolean function A + BC is reduced form of

57461. The accuracy of A/D conversion is generally

57462. To convert JK flip flop to D flip flop

57463. Read cycle is always followed by (during instructions execution)

57464. If tp is the pulse width, Δt is the propagation delay, T is period of pulse train then the following condition can avoid the race around condition

57465. In a Karnaugh map for an expression having 'don't care terms' the don't cares can be treated as

57466. Which of the following pairs of octal and binary numbers are not equal?

57467. With a JK master-slave flip-flop the master is clocked when the clock is __________ , and the slave is triggered when the clock is __________ .

57468. The communicating capacitor reduces turn on time because

57469. The output impedance of a logic pulser is

57470. In a J-K flip flop the input J = K = 1 pulse is about

57471. In a four variable Karnaugh map, eight adjacent cells give a

57472. Binary 1000 multiplied by binary 1000 gives

57473. 111012 x 100012 =

57474. Schmitt trigger can be used as a

57475. Most of the digital computers do not have floating-point hardware because

57476. Consider the following statements in connection with CMOS inverter in figure where both the MOSFET are of enhancement type and both have a threshold voltage of 2 V statements 1: T1 conducts when vi ≥ 2 V statements 2: T1 is always in saturation when v0 = 0 V Which of the following is correct?

57477. The number of FF required for a divide by 12 circuit is

57478. In sign magnitude numbers,

57479. In order to enable RST 5.5, RST 6.5 and RST 7.5 interrupts, which of the following instructions are needed?

57480. Digital technologies being used now-a-days are

57481. A seven bit code (even parity) 1111101 may have error. The correct code is

57482. A/D parallel converter is also called flash converter.

57483. Square root of 4 is

57484. Periodic recharging of the memory cells at regular intervals of 3 to 8 millisecond is required in a

57485. The frequency of the driving network connected between pins 1 and 2 of a 8085 chip must be

57486. Assertion (A): Divide-64 counter is a Mod-64 counter and divides the input frequency by 64 Reason (R): A Mod 64 counter can be obtained by cascading Mod 16 and Mod 4 counters.

57487. In number system e.g. 6, a “decade” counter has to recycle to 0 at the sixth count. Which of the connections indicate below will realize this resetting? (a logic “0” at the R inputs resets the counters)

57488. In 8085 microprocessor, in order to enable INTR interrupt, which of the following instruction are needed?

57489. A Read/Write memory chip has a capacity of 64 k bytes. Assuming separate data and address line and availability of chip enable signal, what is the minimum number of pins required in the IC chip?

57490. SSI refers to ICs with

57491. In 8085, TRAP is

57492. The simplest register is

57493. The logic realized by the circuit shown in figure

57494. The hexadecimal number 5 F is equal to binary number

57495. Which of the following methods is used for solving differential equations numerically?

57496. Some ADCs are ParallelUpdownSingle slopeDual slopeSuccessive approximationStair step Out of above which ones do not use DAC?

57497. As compared to TTL, ECL has

57498. A 16-megabit dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is an integrated circuit capable of storing __________ characters (bytes).

57499. What is the gray code word for EX-OR the binary number 101011?

57500. In a positive edge triggered JK flip flop, J = 1, K = 0 and clock pulse is rising Q will

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