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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1183

59151. Resistivity of metals is expressed in terms of

59152. Figure shows characteristics curves for bipolar transistor. These curves are

59153. Zener diode is invariably used with

59154. The relation between plate current and plate voltage of a vacuum diode is called

59155. Given that the band gap of cadmium sulphide is 2.5 eV, the maximum photon wavelength, for e--hole pair generation will be

59156. The maximum rectification efficiency in case of full wave rectifier is

59157. For a full wave bridge rectifier supplied with 50 Hz a.c., the lowest ripple frequency will be

59158. When an electron rises through a potential of 100 V it will acquired an energy of

59159. Which one of the following gain equations is correct for a MOSFET common-source amplifier? (gm is mutual conductance, and RD is load resistance at the drain)

59160. If 1 kVA transformer is used for all of the following rectifiers, the d.c. power availability will be least in case of

59161. Which of the following is the ferric electric material?

59162. The amount of time between the creation and disappearance of a hole in an intrinsic semiconductor material is called

59163. In photo electric emission, the threshold frequency f0, work function Uw, and Planck's constant h are related as

59164. In which n type device does p substrate extend upto silicon dioxide layer?

59165. In a N-type semi-conductor, the concentration of minority carriers is mainly depends on

59166. The band gap of Si at room temperature is

59167. Spot the odd one out

59168. Transition capacitance is associated with __________ and depletion capacitance is associated with __________ diodes.

59169. Plywood is made by bonding together thin layers of wood in such a way that the angle between the grains of any layer to grains of adjacent layer is

59170. If the energy gap of a semiconductor is 1.1 eV, then it would be.

59171. The primary reason for the widespread use of Si in semiconductor device technology is

59172. If the conductivity of pure germanium is 1.54 siemens/metre, its resistivity in ohm-metre will be nearly

59173. Reluctivity is analogous to

59174. The v-i characteristics of a diode may be linear or non linear.

59175. If a coil has diameter 'd' number of turns 'N' and form factor F then the inductance of the coil is proportional to

59176. Under low level injection assumption, the infected minority carrier current for an extrinsic semiconductor is essentially the

59177. As the reverse voltage is increased, the depletion layer

59178. The cascade amplifier is a multistage configuration of

59179. The light output of LED varies as (current)n. The value of n is about

59180. If an electron move through a potential difference of 500 V, the energy possesses by it will be

59181. In which of the following does a negative resistance region exist in the v-i characteristics?

59182. The intrinsic resistivity of silicon at 300 K is about

59183. What happens when forward bias is applied to a junction diode?

59184. A differential amplifier is invariably used in the I/P stage of all OP-amps. This is done basically to produce the OP-amp with a very high.

59185. The addition of impurity in extrinsic semiconductor is about 1 part in 108 parts.

59186. Hall effect can be used

59187. The v-i characteristic of an element is shown in below figure the element is

59188. ......... money I had was stolen.?

59189. The probability giving distribution of electrons over a range of allowed energy levels is known as

59190. Hall coefficient is reciprocal of charge density.

59191. It is required to trace the output characteristics of a CE bipolar transistor on a CRO screen. The proper method is

59192. Atomic number of germanium is

59193. The resistivity of ferrites is

59194. For testing compressive and tensile strength of cement,the cement mortar made by mixing cement and standard sand in the proportion of

59195. In monostable multivibrator

59196. Assertion (A): Hall effect is used to find the type of semiconductor. Reason (R): When a specimen of semiconductor carrying current I lies in a magnetic field the force on electrons and holes is in opposite directions.

59197. I am ......... happy and distressed .?

59198. When a p-n junction is forward biased. The width of depletion layer decreases.

59199. In which of the following case the rating of the transformer to deliver 100 watts of d.c. power to a load, will be least?

59200. The nominal size of modular brick with mortar joints is

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