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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1184

59201. In a JFET, the drain current is maximum when

59202. A potential difference is developed across a current carrying metal strip when the strip is placed in a transverse magnetic field. The above effect is known as

59203. Force polygon representing a set of forces in equilibrium is a

59204. Which one of the following bipolar transistors has the highest current gain bandwidth Product (fr) for similar geometry?

59205. The depletion layer across a P+ n junction lies

59206. An increase of reverse voltage decreases the junction capacitance.

59207. The maximum forward current in case of signal diode is in the range of

59208. On which of the following effect do thermocouples work?

59209. Which of the following constitutes an active component?

59210. Which of the following characteristics of a silicon p-n junction diode make it suitable for use as ideal diode? It has low saturation current.It has high value of cut in voltage.It can withstand large reverse voltage.When compared with germanium diode, silicon diode shows a lower degree of temperature dependence under reverse conditions. Select the answer using the given below

59211. Resistivity of carbon is around

59212. Which of the following is anti-ferromagnetic material?

59213. Assertion (A): The capacitance of a reverse biased pin diode is lower than that of reverse biased p-n diode. Reason (R): A PIN diode has an intrinsic layer between p and n regions.

59214. In the saturation region of CE output characteristics of n-p-n transistor, VCE is about

59215. In n channel JFET

59216. Angles between two forces to make their resultant minimum and maximum are respectively

59217. Almost all resistors are made in a monolithic integrated circuit

59218. The forbidden energy gap for silicon is

59219. In energy band diagram of n type semiconductor, the donor energy level is

59220. For an n-channel JEFT having drain source voltage constant if the gate source voltage is increased (more negative) pinch off would occur for

59221. An intrinsic semiconductor (intrinsic electron density = 1016 m-3) is deped with donors to a level of 1022 m-3. What is the hole density assuming all donors to be ionized?

59222. The capacitor filter provides poor voltage regulation because

59223. If Vr is the reverse voltage across a graded P-N Junction, then the junction capacitance cj is proportional to

59224. In the schematic representation of bipolar junction transistor, the direction of arrow shows the direction of flow of

59225. Conductivity σ, mobility μ and Hall coefficient KH are related as

59226. The forbidden band in semiconductors is of the order of

59227. For an P-N-P transistor in normal operation its junction are biased as

59228. A FET is to be operated as voltage variable resistor. For this drain to source voltage VDS should be,

59229. Assertion (A): FET has characteristics very similar to that of pentode. Reason (R): Both FET and pentode are voltage controlled devices.

59230. The current gain of a bipolar transistor drops at high frequencies because of

59231. In an intrinsic semiconductor, the intrinsic charge concentration at any absolute temperature T is proportional to

59232. The conductivity of an intrinsic semiconductor is (symbols have the usual meanings).

59233. The current due to thermionic emission is proportional to

59234. For radiating ultraviolet rays, LEDs use

59235. Rate of change of angular momentum is equal to

59236. Consider the following statements about conditions that make a metal semiconductor contact rectifying N type semiconductor with work function φs more than work function φM of metalN type semiconductor with work function φs less than work function φM of metalP type semiconductor with work function φs more than work function φM of metalP type semiconductor with work function φs less than work function φM of metal. Of these statements

59237. Silicon diodes have __________ reverse resistance than germanium diodes.

59238. The kinetic energy of photoelectrons emitted by a photo sensitive surface depends on

59239. When reverse bias is applied to a junction diode

59240. Which of the following statements regarding two transistor model of p-n-n-p device is correct?

59241. Highest resistivity of the following is

59242. Lowest noise can be expected in case of

59243. For a BJT, under the saturation condition,

59244. When a semiconductor bar is heated at one end, a voltage across the bar is developed. If the heated is positive the semiconductor is

59245. The O/P char, of a FET is given in the figure. In which region is the device biased for small signal amplification?

59246. Photoelectric effect occurs only in semiconductors and not in metals.

59247. Which of these has peak and valley points in v-i curve?

59248. The scaling factor of an MOS device using constant voltage scaling model, the gate area of the device will be scaled as

59249. A full wave bridge rectifier is supplied voltage at 50 Hz. The lowest ripple frequency will be

59250. Electric breakdown strength of a material depends on its

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