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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1182

59101. The conductivity of materials found in nature ranges from 109 ohm-1m-1 to nearly 1018 ohm-1 m-1 from this it can be concluded that the conductivity of silicon in ohm-1 cm-1 will be nearly

59102. At any point on the v-i characteristics of a semiconductor diode, the slope of v-i characteristics is called

59103. The collector to emitter cutoff current (ICE0) of a transmitter is related to collector to base cut off current (ICB0) as

59104. Which of the following statement about the photo electric emission is incorrect?

59105. In a semiconductor avalanche breakdown occurs when

59106. No load d.c. output will be least in case of

59107. When an electron breaks a covalent bond and moves away,

59108. A photo diode is

59109. Germanium and Si phosphorus have their maximum spectral response in the

59110. In which condition does BJT behave like a closed switch?

59111. High purity copper is obtained by

59112. Photo electric emission can occur only if the frequency of light is more than threshold frequency.

59113. In a JFET the width of channel is controlled by

59114. The unit of thermal resistance of a semi-conductor device is

59115. In SI unit,unit of force and energy are respectively

59116. For generating 1 MHz frequency signal, the most suitable circuit is

59117. A doped semi-conductor is called

59118. In n type MOSFET, the substrate

59119. The first and the last critical frequency of an RC driving point impedance function must respectively by

59120. The diffusion current is proportional to

59121. In the fabrication of n-p-n transistor in an IC, the buried layer on the P-type substrate is

59122. Which quantity controls the effectiveness of LED in emitting light?

59123. The current gain of a BJT is

59124. Ferromagnetic materials exhibit

59125. The saturation current in a semi-conductor diode

59126. When a ferromagnetic substance is magnetised, there are small changes in its dimensions. This phenomenon is called

59127. Gold is often diffused into silicon PN junction devices to

59128. In the figure shows the circuits symbol of

59129. Assertion (A): FET is a unipolar device. Reason (R): BJT is bipolar device.

59130. Ferrites are

59131. In a p-n-p transistor the main current carriers and the mechanism of flow respectively are

59132. The 6 V zener diode shown in figure has zero zener resistance and a knee current of 5 mA. The minimum value of R, so that the voltage across it does not fall below 6 V is

59133. Secondary emission occurs in

59134. In common base connection, the output characteristics of a bipolar junction transistor is drawn between

59135. In fabricating silicon BJT in ICs by the epitaxial process, the number of diffusions used is usually

59136. Consider the following statements about diamagnetic material and diamagnetism. The materials have negative magnetic susceptibility.At very low temperature diamagnetic materials. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

59137. In a photo emissive device and emission efficiency is increased by

59138. Materials in order of decreasing electrical conductivity are

59139. Transconductance characteristics of JFET depict the relation between

59140. The resistivity of intrinsic semiconductor material is about

59141. Which of the following exhibits negative resistance in a portion of its characteristics?

59142. The emission of light is LED due to

59143. .......... was the first Portuguese viceroy in Kerala?

59144. The sum of two or more arbitrary sinusoidal is

59145. Which of the following is used as a passive component in electronic circuits?

59146. Lowest resistivity of the following is

59147. Peak inverse voltage will be highest for

59148. In CE configuration, the output characteristics of a bipolar junction transistor is drawn between

59149. Assertion (A): The reverse current in a p-n junction is nearly constant. Reason (R): The reverse breakdown voltage of a p-n diode depends on the extent of doping.

59150. An n type semiconductor is illuminated by a steady flux of photons with energy greater than the band gap energy. The change in conductivity Δσ obeys which relation? [ Here, e is the electron charge, μn electron mobility, μp hole mobility, Δn (Δp) is the excess electron (hole) density ].

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