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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 138

6901. Enzyme, responsible for proofreading base pairing is

6902. Which of the following would not contain DNA?

6903. The nucleosome consists of histone

6904. What bands will be observed in a cesium chloride gradient after two rounds of replication?

6905. Proteins involved in opening a replication bubble are

6906. What is the main damaging effect of UV radiation on DNA?

6907. The higher order structure of DNA shows symmetry, whereas the higher order structures of most proteins do not. Why isn't protein shape more regular like DNA?

6908. DNA helicase is used to

6909. Klenow fragment without free nucleotides exhibits

6910. The third American Congress met at philadelphia in 1776 and draw up the famous Declaration of Independence in?

6911. In sperm heads, DNA is particularly highly condensed and the histones are replaced with small basic protein called

6912. Okazaki fragments occur during

6913. DNA can be sequenced by the

6914. Which histone(s) are associated with the linker DNA of a nucleosome?

6915. Each replication bubbles consists of

6916. In DNA replication, one new strand is synthesized complementary to an old (parent) strand and is referred as

6917. In a cesium chloride gradient, DNA labeled with 15N and centrifuged will form a band

6918. The role of primase is to

6919. Deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates, being need in the chain termination methods are

6920. What is the approximate percentage of repetitive DNA sequences in human DNA?

6921. The replication of a linear DNA molecule in a eukaryotic chromosome creates a problem which is reported to be sorted out by

6922. The rapid appearance of HIV-1 strains that are resistant to AIDS drugs is due in part to which of the following property of its reverse transcriptase?

6923. The packing ratio of nucleosomes is about

6924. After one replication in 15N, how many bands should be observed in a cesium chloride gradient?

6925. Reverse transcriptase produces

6926. The nicks or gaps between Okazaki fragments are eventually sealed by

6927. Nucleosome is

6928. The DNA polymerase in bacteria, responsible for DNA synthesis is

6929. In a typical electrophoresis experiment, larger fragments of DNA move more

6930. 30 nm wide helix with five or six nucleosomes per helix is known as

6931. Which of the following is used to determine the appropriate stringency (Wallace rule)?

6932. One hypothesis of DNA replication suggested that the parental DNA molecules are broken into fragments. Both strands of DNA in each of the daughter molecules are made up of an assortment of parental and new DNA. This statement refers to which hypothesis?

6933. DNA polymerases I also has

6934. Without telomerase, what would happen to the ends of chromosomes after each round of replication?

6935. The melting of 40-45 bp at the oriC site of E. coli requires

6936. Overwinding or overtightening of DNA during replication is caused and removed by

6937. How does ethidium bromide interact with DNA?

6938. Number of times the two DNA strands are interwined in circular DNA and is known as

6939. The enzyme responsible for breaking the hydrogen bonds, and thus separating the DNA strands during DNA synthesis is

6940. Which of the following species lack a 'classical' histone H1?

6941. We have a friend ...............plays the piano

6942. The size of a linear DNA fragment in a gel can be estimated by

6943. Which of the following are short nucleotides strands made by DNA polymerase working in the opposite direction of the replication fork?

6944. Which of these drugs bind to DNA and cuts it, producing hydroxyl radicals?

6945. Replication in E. coli is initiated by the generation of short RNA primers using

6946. DNA replication results in

6947. Which enzyme catalyzes the elongation of DNA molecules?

6948. What is the IUPAC code for an A, C, T ambiguity in a nucleic acid sequence?

6949. There is a single origin for DNA replication in bacteria. How many origins of replication are found in the much larger genomes of eukaryotes such as mammals?

6950. Automated DNA sequencing uses the chain termination method

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