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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 137

6851. When date are placed in a main document in a mail merge operation, data are placed in the symbols?

6852. All of the following rulers of the so-called Slave Dynasty were purchased as slaves in their early life, except.

6853. The device used to convert sound waves into electric waves

6854. The first living being launched into space was a ————

6855. Who was the last Hindu king of Delhi ?

6856. An autoimmune disease is

6857. If Class IIMHC is not expressed in the thymus, the resulting immune deficiencies would include all of the following except reduced

6858. Specific translocations are associated with

6859. To treat HIV infections using drugs, the major problem is that

6860. The primary reason for AIDS, a deadly disease is that it

6861. A selective IgA deficiency would be expected to result in problems with

6862. Combined cellular and humoral immune deficiencies result from lack of all of the following except

6863. An example of an immunodeficiency disorder is

6864. Bone marrow given to an infant with SCID must

6865. X-linked hyper IgM syndrome, resulting in high levels of serum IgM and low levels of serum IgG, is caused by a defect in CD40L expression. The specific immune event that would be prevented by a defective CD40L would be

6866. DiGeorge's syndrome is characterized by the lack of a thymus The mouse model closest to this human disease would be a

6867. Which of the Rous sarcoma virus has a homologous cellular protein?

6868. Infants are most susceptible to bacterial infection due to low circulating levels of IgG

6869. The chemical, typically released by the body in an allergic response is

6870. The HIV virus infects primarily

6871. Chronic granulomatous disease results from a failure to perform oxidative burst. This deficiency would be most likely to interfere with

6872. Difficulties with somatic gene therapy arise from all of the following except

6873. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) specific for the 2,4-dinitrophenyl (DNP) hapten might also bind

6874. Retinoblastoma is due to a mutation in a

6875. Magic Johnson is associated with ———

6876. The State bird of Kerala is:

6877. The country that awards Nobel Prize is

6878. A heerarchical listing of heading within a document is called :

6879. Pasteurization is a process of

6880. Taylor, Woods and Hughes labeled Vicia DNA by allowing new DNA synthesis in the presence of radioactive thymine. After DNA replication (S phase of the cell cycle), it was observed that

6881. In DNA double helix, the two DNA chains are held together by

6882. The 5' and 3' numbers are related to the

6883. Messelsen and Stahl model of replication was called

6884. The most common liquid volumes in molecular biology are measured in

6885. DNA replication takes place in which direction?

6886. DNA gyrase in E. coli

6887. In DNA, there are

6888. In DNA, guanine pairs with

6889. What was the conseuqnce of the ‘Battle of Plassey’ ?

6890. What is the only common methylation in the DNA of eukaryotes?

6891. DNAs when charged, migrate in a gel towards the

6892. What is the approximate size (in kb) of the E. coli genome?

6893. In the study of one experiment it was found that the value of Tm for DNA is = 40° C. If the cell has 20% GC at the above Tm, then what will be value of 'Tm' if the GC% increases to 60%?

6894. What is the range of melting point temperatures (Tm) for most DNA molecules?

6895. The overall conclusion of the Hershey-Chase experiment was that

6896. A cesium chloride will separate DNA molecules by

6897. If one cell has AT contents 40%, what will be the percentage of Guanine residue?

6898. Which of the following enzyme adds complementary bases during replication?

6899. Which DNA polymerase removes RNA primers in DNA synthesis?

6900. Enzymes, responsible for unraveling short segments of DNA is

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