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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 139

6951. Okazaki fragments occur on the __________ and are bonded together by __________

6952. The RNA primers used to initiate replication in E. coli

6953. An enzyme that recognizes foreign DNA, and results in a cut in that DNA is called

6954. Which of the following is an active site on its single polypeptide chain for DNA Polymerase I?

6955. Which of the following is not a structural motif in DNA binding proteins?

6956. DNA with a G-C content of 50% will melt at approximately

6957. Who's X-ray work aided Watson and Crick in their discovery of the double helix?

6958. DNA replication in eukaryotes occurs only in

6959. Which polymerase is active in DNA repairing

6960. For the DNA replication in eukaryotes, the cell cycle consists of

6961. Which of the following in DNA replication and transcription are common?

6962. An important difference between eukaryotic and prokaryotic DNA replication is

6963. What is the name given to the points at which a DNA helix is unwound and new strands develop?

6964. The DNA is negatively super coiled, complexes to histone,

6965. During conventional transformation experiments E. coli cells and plasmid DNA interacts in an environment of

6966. What is the exact name of the classical Watson-Crick double helix DNA?

6967. The site on a bacterial chromosome that marks the initiation point for chromosome replication is called

6968. The B-DNA structure found in solution is a

6969. Which will require a higher temperature to denature?

6970. In an agarose gel, DNA is moving from

6971. TM refers to the temperature at which

6972. DNA segments capable of moving from one place in the genome to another is known as

6973. What does ligase do during replication of DNA?

6974. Proteins which help to open the double helix for DNA synthesis are

6975. First evident that DNA is genetic material comes from the experiment of Griffith is

6976. An RNA primer is synthesized by

6977. The accepted hypothesis for DNA replication is

6978. When DNA polymerase is in contact with guanine in the parental strand, what does it add to the growing daughter strand?

6979. Telomeres are usually rich in which nucleotide?

6980. Which is the largest among the followings?

6981. The chromosomal DNA complexes with

6982. If you"d written earlier, I"d have known when you..........to go on holiday.

6983. Which of the following tool is used to copy the formatting from one place to another ?

6984. She has two houses in this street and the house over there is also ..................

6985. Which of the following lists the term and topics of a document?

6986. I regret............made so many promises.

6987. The proteolysis rate enhancement by chymotrypsin (~1010 folds) corresponds to a reduction in activation energy of about

6988. Which of the following is false statement with regard to comparison between Serine and HIV proteases?

6989. In the enzyme-catalyzed reaction shown below, what will be the effect on substances A, B, C, and D of inactivating the enzyme labeled E2? A ---(E1)---> B ---(E2)---> C ---(E3)--->

6990. The nucleophile in serine proteases is

6991. The role of Asp 102 and His 57 during trypsin catalysis is to

6992. The cleavage specificity of trypsin and chymotrypsin depend in part on the

6993. The E.coli pyruvic acid dehydrogenase complex is reported to

6994. Which of the common features are shared between serine and aspartate proteases?

6995. Before they can react, many molecules need to be destabilized. This state is typically achieved through

6996. Common feature in all serine proteases is a

6997. How is the enzyme COX-1 important in human health?

6998. Enzyme-driven metabolic pathways can be made more efficient by

6999. Which of the following (s) is/are serine proteases?

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