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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 140

7001. Which of the following statements about enzymes or their function is true?

7002. Tryprotophan synthetase of E.coli, a typical bifunctional oligomeric enzyme consist of

7003. What is the specificity of the Clostripain protease?

7004. In his spare time he works...............a salesman for and insurance company.

7005. He told her that

7006. That can"t be true, you are pulling my..............

7007. synonym of "Discern":

7008. Duplex printing means :

7009. What is the name given to the relaxation process due to an interaction between an excited nucleus and the magnetic fields caused by nuclei in molecules moving around in the sample?

7010. Cytochrome C has an isoelectric pH of

7011. What does the Michelson interferometer do?

7012. In scanning electron microscopy

7013. The frequency of precession, the transition frequency and the Larmor frequency are

7014. How do you turn a signal recorded in the time domain into a frequency domain signal?

7015. How many possible orientations do spin 1/2 nuclei have when they are located in an applied magnetic field?

7016. In immunofluroscence microscopy, fluroscent compounds are attached to

7017. An FT-IR instrument record a signal in the

7018. When radiation energy is absorbed by a spin 1/2 nucleus in a magnetic field, what happens?

7019. Negative staining is a technique used in

7020. Which of the following is the basis of first dimension of separation for two-dimensional electrophoresis?

7021. What is meant by rotating frame of reference?

7022. The sequence of amino acids in proteins can be determined by means of

7023. Why is it advantageous to record many FID signals from the same sample and then add them together?

7024. In FT-NMR, how are nuclei excited?

7025. Do not go out ......... you get leave.

7026. A file with ‘dot’ extension is associated with :

7027. In Lotus 1-2-3, 1-2-3 indicates :

7028. We are having glorious summer, ---------

7029. _____ people don’t know what it is like in other countries.

7030. What is the typical internal diameter of fused silica capillary columns?

7031. Resolution is proportional to the

7032. Derivatisation of a sample is carried out to

7033. Which of the statements is correct?

7034. In column switching chromatography

7035. A retention gap is placed between the injector and the front of the column to

7036. Which of the following detectors give mass flow-dependent signals?

7037. Headspace analysis is carried out in order to

7038. Split injection is carried out by

7039. What does the retention factor, k', describe?

7040. Theoretical plates are used to

7041. What does the selectivity factor describe?

7042. Helium is generally preferred as carrier gas over nitrogen and hydrogen because

7043. The column is heated to

7044. What are the benefits of decreasing the column internal diameter?

7045. Sample retention in the column is measured by

7046. Column bleeding occurs when

7047. Which of the following are not used as stationary phases in a GC column?

7048. Doubling the column's length increases resolution by a factor of

7049. Sample injection is considered successful if

7050. Which of the following gases is unsuitable for use as a GC carrier gas?

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