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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1519

75951. To select cholera-causing bacterium, Vibrio cholerae, the pH of the medium is maintained at a pH of

75952. For the selection of endospore-forming bacteria, a mixed culture can be heated at

75953. The concentration of agar to obtain semi solid media is

75954. Which of the following bacteria dies quickly after drying?

75955. Mac-Conkey medium is an example of

75956. Pseudomonas aeruginosa forms a blue water soluble pigment called

75957. Agar is used for solidifying culture media because

75958. For the selection of lactobacilli present in cheddar cheese, the pH of the medium is maintained at

75959. A disease producing species occurring in a mixed culture can often be selected on the basis of its

75960. Important example(s) of enriched medium/media is/ are

75961. Cell counting can be carried out by

75962. Which of the following techniques may be performed quantitatively to determine the number of bacteria of a particular type?

75963. Intestinal bacteria can grow in the presence of __________ whereas nonintestinal bacteria are usually inhibited.

75964. Which of the following problem makes it impossible to satisfy all of Koch's postulates?

75965. A medium containing crystal violet dye plus sodium deoxycholate will allow

75966. Which of the following bacteria can grow in alkaline pH?

75967. All bacteria that inhabit the human body are

75968. When a substance is added to a liquid medium which inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria and favors the growth of wanted bacteria, it is known as

75969. Which of the following methods is most likely to be quantitative?

75970. Which of the following hint(s) suggest/s that a given specimen is likely to contain anaerobic bacteria?

75971. Viable plate count can be obtained using

75972. In the pour plate method, the mixed culture is diluted directly in tubes of

75973. Treponema species from human oral cavity can be selected by using

75974. When a substance is added to a solid medium which inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria but permits the growth of wanted bacteria, it is known as

75975. Peptone water and nutrient broth are

75976. Stuart's transport medium is used for transport of specimen containing

75977. Plate counts are often reported as

75978. The medium which allows the growth of more than one microorganisms of interest but with morphologically distinguishable colonies is known as

75979. Selective media facilitate growth of only one kind of organism. Saboraud medium is used to selectively isolate

75980. Which of the following bacteria can grow in acidic pH?

75981. Cell size and cell number can be measured using

75982. Which of the following is used for the proper maintenance and preservation of pure cultures?

75983. In the process of freeze drying, a dense cell suspension is placed in small vials and is frozen at

75984. The solidifying agent commonly used in preparation of media is/are

75985. Area is expressed in-units

75986. A foundation in the form of thick reinforced concrete slab covering.The entire area of bottom of the structure is known as

75987. Volume of bucket is given by:

75988. Area of equilateral triangle is:

75989. The thedolite is an instrument used for measuring very accurately

75990. The most toxic exotoxin is

75991. Which of the following species of Clostridium is predominantly sacchrolytic?

75992. Stormy clot reaction is useful in identification of

75993. Food poisoning strains of Clostridium perfringens belong to

75994. Reddening of meat in cooked meat broth is produced by

75995. Clostridium botulinum food poisoning is due to

75996. Drumstick appearance is characteristic of

75997. Blackening of meat in cooked meat broth is through

75998. Typical drumstick appearance of bacilli is generally seen in

75999. Which of the following(s) is/are obligate anaeorbes?

76000. Which of the following types of Clostridium perfringens produces alpha toxin most abundantly?

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