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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1520

76001. Which of the following is predominantly proteolytic?

76002. Which of the following properties are the characteristics of tetanospasmin?

76003. Types of exotoxin, most commonly associated with botulism in man, is/are?

76004. Nagler's reaction is useful for the identification of

76005. The deflection angle may have any value between

76006. A line normal to the plump line at all points is known as:

76007. The best wood for sleeper is:

76008. An imaginary line lying through out the surface of the ground and preserving an constant inclination to the horizontal is known as

76009. Plaster of parts is obtained from the clacinations of:

76010. Which of the following statements on replication in E.coli is correct?

76011. The replication of chromosomes by eukaryotes occurs in a relatively short period of time because

76012. In E.coli, which enzyme synthesizes the RNA primer for Okazaki fragments?

76013. During which of the following process a new copy of a DNA molecule is precisely synthesized?

76014. DNA gyrase is inhibited by

76015. Which of the following enzymes unwind short stretches of DNA helix immediately ahead of a replication fork?

76016. During DNA replication in prokaryotes, synthesis begins on the circular chromosome

76017. DNA replication rates in prokaryotes are approximately of the order of

76018. Which of the following lacks 3'-5' exonuclease activity?

76019. Much of the country side ......... under water.?

76020. Both strands of DNA serve as templates concurrently in

76021. Proofreading activity to maintain the fidelity of DNA synthesis

76022. Which of the following repairs nicked DNA by forming a phosphodiester bond between adjacent nucleotides?

76023. The enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of DNA is called

76024. Which of the following possesses both 5'-3' and 3'-5' exonuclease activity?

76025. A pattern of dots that appears on AutoCAD screen of computer but that does not called:

76026. A pipe used to carry discharge from sanitary fittings like bath rooms,Kitchens et

76027. The part of circle bounded by an arc and its chord is known as

76028. A couple close roof is used for span upto

76029. The process of hardening the concrete mixes by keeping its surface moist for a certain period is called:

76030. What was the first eukaryotic chromosome to be sequenced?

76031. Which of the following mutations arise without exposure to external agents?

76032. Due to which of the following DNA repair mechanisms, one is able to distinguish newly synthesized DNA strands from older one?

76033. Which of the following bacterial genome was sequenced first?

76034. A nonsense mutation may result into

76035. Which of the following mutation affects only a single nucleotide?

76036. When mutations involve vital functions so that the mutants are nonviable, it is a

76037. A mutagen is defined as

76038. The DNA sequences of rRNA genes can be used to

76039. A nonsense mutation introduced into the DNA sequence of a gene may

76040. Which of these mechanisms for thymine dimers repair lead to mutations?

76041. Frame shift mutation may occur as a result of

76042. Thymine dimers are directly repaired with the help of visible light by process known as

76043. The promoter on an expression vector used to overproduce proteins in bacteria is

76044. Differentiation of four different bases in automated sequencing systems is that each base has

76045. Genetic variations are

76046. The mutation which will not affect the length of a protein is,

76047. Changes in which of the following characterizes mutations?

76048. Which of the following(s) is/are steps in excision repair mechanisms?

76049. The whole-genome shotgun sequencing approach depends primarily on

76050. What is India’s best ever performance in football at the olympics?

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