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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1521

76051. The lime commonly used under damp situation is

76052. The slope of the road pavement in the longitudinal direction is called:

76053. The surface are of A0 size drawing sheet is:

76054. The most important tool used for brick masonry is:

76055. Which of the following best explains about the usefulness of the production of ethanol in yeast cells under anaerobic conditions?

76056. The final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is

76057. The amount of energy (cal/mole) in an ATP molecule produced by a cell from glucose by fermentation is

76058. The enzymes for glycolysis are located

76059. Glucose can be broken down to pyruvate by

76060. In lactic acid fermentation, the final electron acceptor would be

76061. The amount of ATP that can be obtained by complete oxidation of a glucose by a bacterium is

76062. Which of the following is accomplished in chemiosmosis?

76063. A yeast or fungal cell produces how many net ATP molecules per molecule of glucose when completely oxidized?

76064. Before most molecules can enter the Krebs citric acid cycle, they must be converted to

76065. How many oxygen molecules are required in the fermentation of one molecule of glucose to ethanol and CO2?

76066. Most bacterial fermentations yield how many net ATP molecules per molecule of glucose?

76067. The amount of ATP produced by a cell from glucose when metabolizing it by fermentation means is

76068. Which one of the following is produced in the greatest numbers during one turn of the Krebs cycle?

76069. Aerobic respiration differs from anaerobic respiration in which of the following respects?

76070. For each pair of electrons passing from NADH located inside the mitochondria to oxygen, how many ATP molecules can be generated?

76071. In anaerobic respiration, the final electron acceptor can be

76072. Which one of the following is not produced in any of the steps of glycolysis?

76073. The number of ATP molecules produced from one glucose molecule by a bacterium producing lactic acid is

76074. Which of the following is the most complete definition of fermentation?

76075. The enzymes that catalyze the reactions of the Krebs cycle are found in which subcellular organelle of eukaryotes?

76076. Fatty acids are oxidized to acetyl-CoA by which of the following pathways?

76077. Organisms can synthesize ATP by oxidative phosphorylation when they

76078. How many molecules of carbon dioxide will be given off during ten turns of the Krebs cycle?

76079. In cellular metabolism, O2 is used

76080. In glycolysis, ATP is created by

76081. Suppose a eukaryotic cell had a mutation that prevented the production of cytochrome c. As a result of this mutation, which of the following processes would not occur?

76082. The horizon glass in and optical square is:

76083. The defect caused during seasoning of timber is called:

76084. An assembled product of veneers and adhesives is called:

76085. In supper passage FSL of the canal is:

76086. In steep and broken ground,the most suitable method of contouring is:

76087. If the Keq for an enzymatic reaction is greater than 1, the reaction

76088. An exergonic reaction is one that

76089. If the free energy change (ΔG) in a reaction is a negative value, it indicates that the

76090. To a living organism, which of the following has the greatest amount of available energy per molecule?

76091. Which of the following is the best evidence for the lock and key theory of enzyme action?

76092. In the reaction, C6H12O6+ 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy, which component is being oxidized?

76093. The fact that β-oxidation of fatty acids, occurs in the mitochondria whereas fatty acid synthesis occurs in the cytoplasmic matrix, is an example of regulation of enzymatic activity by the __________ mechanism.

76094. In the reaction, C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy, which component is being reduced?

76095. The affinity of an enzyme for its substrate, when the enzyme has a Km of 0.50 M will be __________ than the affinity of an enzyme for its substrate when the enzyme has a Km of 0.05 M.

76096. Anthranilate synthase, the first enzyme of tryptophan biosynthesis after the branch point shows feedback inhibition and repression due to

76097. A substrate binds to its enzyme at a location called the __________ site.

76098. Hydrogen and oxygen release enormous amounts of energy when they react. Yet, hydrogen and oxygen can be mixed together in a balloon and nothing will happen. Why?

76099. Adenosine triphosphate is a type of

76100. An enzyme that is always produced, regardless of the presence of substrates or the end products, is called

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