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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1522

76101. About 7.3 kcal/mole are released when

76102. The ability of CTP to bind to aspartate carbamoyltransferase and shut down the synthesis of more CTP is an example of

76103. Oxidation is the

76104. Denaturation of an enzyme refers to the

76105. The ability of Vibrio fischeri to convert chemical energy directly into radiant energy in bioluminescence is an example of __________ at work.

76106. The ability of a competitive inhibitor to bind to an active site in an allosterically controlled enzyme is __________ than the ability of a non-competitive inhibitor to bind to an active site in the same allosterically controlled enzyme.

76107. The ability of FADH to be oxidized is __________ than the ability of FAD to be oxidized.

76108. An endergonic reaction is one that

76109. Reduction is the

76110. --------method is used for plotting the distance and inaccessible objects

76111. The stone used for roofing is:

76112. The under surface of a stair is:

76113. One hector is equal to how many acres?

76114. To protect natural slopping ground-------is construct

76115. Main function of an enzyme is to

76116. Who coined the word enzyme first?

76117. The inactive protein from of enzyme is

76118. The inactive organic molecular portion of enzyme is

76119. Many enzymes consists of a protein combined with low molecular weight organic molecule called as

76120. Organic molecules that increase the rate of metabolic reactions with themselves changing are known as

76121. Protein portion of an enzyme when it is combined with organic molecule is termed as

76122. The active form of enzyme is

76123. Enzymes can

76124. Allosteric enzymes are

76125. Intracellular enzymes

76126. Enzyme catalase has non-protein metal as

76127. Isozymes or iso enzymes are those enzyme which

76128. Box of prismatic compass is made of:

76129. The specific gravity of stone should not in any case less than:

76130. The rocks which are deposited in layers and can be easily split along such layers known as:

76131. The extend of land that gets irrigated from a water source is:

76132. The preferable slope of a drawing board support is:

76133. Laterite is chemically classified as:

76134. The bacteria most often involved in the spoilage of fish are

76135. The red or pink color of the fish is generally caused from the growth of

76136. At higher temperatures, the souring of Oysters may be the result of the fermentation of sugars by

76137. Normally, due to the holding of the chilled fish

76138. The chief spoilage organisms on smoked fish are

76139. A musty or muddy odor of the fish is attributed to

76140. In chilled shrimp __________ is chiefly responsible for spoilage.

76141. Marinated (sour pickled) fish should not have spoilage problems unless

76142. The predominant kind of bacteria causing spoilage in fish at chilling temperature is

76143. The percentage of silica in good brick clay should vary from:

76144. The dressing of stone is done:

76145. What general name is given to the physical parts of computer?

76146. Which of the following is hardest rock?

76147. Who founded the Organization ‘Vidhyaposhini Sabha’?

76148. Botulism is caused by the presence of toxin developed by

76149. Which of the following is true to prevent botulism from smoked fish?

76150. Salmonellois is caused by the

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