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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1528

76401. Treatment with bacterial endotoxins results blast formation in

76402. Cytotoxic T-cells can be recognized by which of the following cell surface marker?

76403. Which is not an antigen-presenting cell (or APC)?

76404. Chemically an antigen may be

76405. T cell receptors (or TCR) on CD4+ T cells

76406. Which of the following proteins would not need localization signal?

76407. Following are the defenses of the colon except

76408. Natural killer cells are involved in

76409. Which of the following(s) is/are the determinants of antigenicity?

76410. Who is the writer of the book’ Golden Threshold’?

76411. Immunity is not long lasting to

76412. Lysozyme is present in

76413. Macrophages are professional antigen- presenting cells. The protein molecule through which they present antigen in human is

76414. The role of the M cell is to

76415. Which of the following statements is false regarding B cells?

76416. Large parasites such as helminthes may be killed extracellularly by the action of

76417. Which of the following is correct for CD8 T cells?

76418. Passive immunization is done for

76419. Which of the following is correct for isoantigens?

76420. Numerous antibodies can be prepared, against one antigen, each binds to unique epitopes. How is this antibody diversity generated?

76421. Which of the following terms is associated with Hockey?

76422. Which of the following terms is associated with Hockey?

76423. Who is known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’?

76424. Who is known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’?

76425. The former name of Tokyo?

76426. Which of the following when used in proper concentration stimulates the Ascomycetes fermentation of vitamin B12 and can be used to counteract toxicity of iron in Candida species?

76427. Pectinase, an enzyme used for increasing yield and for clarifying juice is obtained by

76428. The 95% ethanol is equivalent to

76429. Which species from the followings is resistant to methyl tryptophan?

76430. Which of the following substance is employed to neutralize the lactic acid as it is produced (because lactic acid bacteria do not tolerate high concentrations of acid?

76431. Alcohol production from starch and raw sugar utilizes selected strains of

76432. Fungal amylases using stationary culture with wheat bran utilizes

76433. Why high concentration of sugars are not employed in the fermentation medium?

76434. Which of the following organism produces enzyme taka diastase?

76435. Which of the following is not an industrial product made by the fungus Aspergillus niger?

76436. The biotin level in obtaining L-gluatmic acid by fermentation using Micrococcus glutamicus is critical because

76437. Most productive species among the different vitamin B12 producing Pseudomonads is

76438. The enzyme which converts optically active isomers of lactic acid to the optically inactive racemic mixture is

76439. The sugar concentration of molasses used in fermentation should be

76440. Bacitracin, an antibiotic similar to penicillin, is produced by

76441. Which of the following Ascomycetes are used for riboflavin production?

76442. B. flavum strain can be used for the production of

76443. A major organism used in commercial bioleaching for copper recovery is

76444. During fermentation, pyruvic acid is converted into organic products such as

76445. Which of the following are true for the heterofermentative microorganism producing lactic acid?

76446. The submerged fermentation of vinegar utilizes special fermentor designs known as

76447. The major organism used in the microbial production of citric acid is

76448. Which of the following organism is utilized for the production of D-L-alanine?

76449. The aerated submerged bacterial fermentation to produce vitamin B12 employs strains of

76450. Which of the following is a heterofermentative micro-organism?

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