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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1527

76351. Transmission of hepatitis G virus is

76352. The sportsperson to win the most number of Olympic Gold medal is .........?

76353. A physical basis of life is related to?

76354. The ozone layer of atmosphere absorbs?

76355. The Jewish Copper plate of 1000 AD (175 Kollam Era) was issued by?

76356. The first woman judge of the Supreme Court belongs to .........?

76357. The primary stain of Gram's method is

76358. At what concentration of sulphuric acid, Nocardia resists decolourization?

76359. Which of the following is commonly used as Gram's decolouriser?

76360. Production of acetoin can be detected by which of the following tests?

76361. The production of sufficient acid by fermentation of glucose leads to decrease in pH such that pH of the medium falls below 4.5. Which of the following test can detect it?

76362. What is the colour of gram -postive bacteria on a gram staining?

76363. What is the colour of gram-negative bacteria on a gram staining?

76364. Which of the following is a primary stain for acid fast staining of mycobacteria?

76365. The deinococci are gram-positive cocci and rods that are distinctive in their unusually great resistance to

76366. Which of the following shows a positive urease test?

76367. Which of the following(s) is/ are oxidase-positive bacteria?

76368. What is the order of reagents used in the Gram stain?

76369. Gram staining was developed accidentally in 1884 by

76370. Which of the following organisms can be demonstrated with silver impregnation method?

76371. Which of the following(s) show(s) positive results for phenylalanine deaminase test?

76372. The process of Gram staining is based on the ability of bacterial cell wall

76373. The gram-negative organisms is

76374. Catalase production is negative in which of the following?

76375. Which of the following is a substitute for crystal violet used in gram-staining procedure?

76376. Which of the following inference(s) indicate(s) the ability of an organism to utilize citrate as a sole source of carbon in Simmon's citrate medium?

76377. The organisms that can be acid-fast stained is

76378. Flag day is observed on?

76379. Which element is excreted through human sweat?

76380. The famous book ‘Vishwadarshanam’ is written by?

76381. 'The object of the Second Five - Year Plan was to provide a society in which the people could get their minimum requirement for sustenance of life and reduce the income disparity among themselves'. These views are?

76382. Which of the following teams won the overall title in the All India Police Acquatic meet?

76383. Negative phase is observed in

76384. Method(s) that can be used to detect CMI is/are

76385. In which of the following cell mediated immunity (CMI) participates?

76386. Overactivity of Th cells may result into

76387. Which of the following lymphokine(s) is secreted by delayed-type-hypersensitivity cells?

76388. Which of the following is an example of autoimmune disease?

76389. Immunosuppressive agent(s) is/are

76390. Induction of tolerance mechanism(s) is/are

76391. Lens antigens of the eye are

76392. Who is the first winner of ‘India Science Award’?

76393. Who is the first winner of ‘India Science Award’?

76394. In a certain code language, REACTION is written as ERCAITNO. How can SECURITY be written in that code?

76395. In a certain code language, REACTION is written as ERCAITNO. How can SECURITY be written in that code?

76396. Who is the writer of the book’ Golden Threshold’?

76397. Which of the following expresses CD3 surface antigen?

76398. Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (or PMNs)

76399. Major Histo Compatibility Complex (MHC) is a collection of genes arrayed on

76400. CD8 surface antigen is present in

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