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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1529

76451. Riboflavin is a by-product of __________ fermentation carried out by Clostridium spp.

76452. Rickes et al. recovered active crystalline vitamin B12 from the culture of

76453. The rapid process of microbial oxidation developed to produce acetic acid from ethanol at Schutzenbach, Germany is also known as

76454. Which of the following micro organism utilizes lactose as a carbon source in production of lactic acid from whey media?

76455. The organism which utilizes the pentose of sulphite waste liquor for lactic acid production is

76456. Chlorotetracycline a broad spectrum antibiotic is produced by

76457. The production of acetic acid from ethanol is an

76458. Which of the following agents involve biosensors linking with electronic circuit?

76459. β-carotene is also known as

76460. Vinegar is a fermentation derived food product containing not less than

76461. The maximum concentration of ethanol that is achieved by successive distillation of fermentation broth in continuous stills is

76462. The strain C. glutamicum can be used for the production of

76463. Which of the following is known for greater stability of the riboflavin producing capacity?

76464. Species of the genus Streptomyces are known for

76465. The organism used to produce L-glutamic acid is

76466. The species of Acetobacter which produces cellulosic strands to hold the cells in lime layer is

76467. The commonly used media for submerged bacterial fermentation at commercial scale is

76468. Which of the following microorganism produces only L(+) - lactic acid without further racemization ?

76469. The recovery of vitamin from fermentation broth is carried out prior to

76470. Naringinase, an enzyme commonly used for removal of bitter taste from citrus juice is obtained from

76471. Protease, which is used for flavouring of sake and haze removal in sake is produced by

76472. The organism B. brevis can be used commercially for the production of

76473. The early assay employed for measuring penicillin activity were based upon the quantity required to prevent growth of S. aureus over

76474. Penicillin G is also known as

76475. A major organic acid produced by a microbial process used in foods is

76476. The other name of invertase enzyme is

76477. Neomycin-B is obtained from

76478. Which of the following cephalosporin is more active than penicillin against various species of Salmonella?

76479. The penicillin F which was produced at first, required the mold

76480. Amyloglucosidase is used in glucose production. It is produced by

76481. Microbially produced streptokinase is used to

76482. Anaerobic bacteria undergoes butyric isopropyl fermentation in carbohydrates to yield

76483. Who was the first scientist to observe the antibiotic and therapeutic properties of penicillin?

76484. Which of the following organism is utilized to obtain commercial L-lysine by direct method?

76485. "Vinegar mother" in Orleans process is

76486. Commercial scale production of amino acids is typically carried out using

76487. The beet molasses is pretreated with __________ to reduce great quantity of trace metals.

76488. The medium required for glutamic acid mainly consist of

76489. Flavor can be enhanced from the

76490. Bacillus thuringiensis is useful as a bacterial

76491. In Corynebacterium glutamicum, tryptophan biosynthesis is regulated by the activity of

76492. Invertase has its application in confectionaries to prevent crystallization of sugar. It is obtained from

76493. The method used for obtaining citric acid as fermentation product are commonly known as

76494. The organisum used for production of streptomycin is

76495. Which of the following is true about β-ionone, non-ionic detergent used in β carotene fermentation medium?

76496. Glucoseoxidase, which had been commercially employed to remove glucose from egg white and whole eggs before drying is obtained by submerged aerated fermentation using

76497. Which of the following microorganism can yield vitamin B12 using methanol as a carbon source?

76498. The immediate precursor for glumatic acid production by Corynebacterium glutamicum is

76499. The method of distillation used to obtain alcohol greater than 95 percent is called

76500. The micro-organism used for industrial production of lactic acid using corn dextrose as media is

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