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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1530

76501. Which of the following species is used for vitamin B12 production by fermentation process?

76502. Malt used to ferment beer is prepared by

76503. Penicillin was first produced commercially using

76504. The present day high yielding penicillin are obtained from

76505. The medium utilized for fungal citric acid production should be deficient in

76506. Which of the following are commercially used for bacterial amylases production?

76507. An "International Unit" of penicillin activity established in 1944 is amount of penicillin equivalent to

76508. The man who first discovered the chemical that causes souring of milk was

76509. Which of the following is not a penicillin?

76510. Which of the following is a cephalosporin?

76511. Cephalosporin an antibiotic closely related to penicillin in structure and antibiotic activity are produced by species of

76512. The production of alcohol from lactose of whey is generally carried out by

76513. Which of the following is not a principal media for industrial alcohol production by fermentation?

76514. The first commercial fermention carried out to obtain L-lysine is known as

76515. The precursor of Penicillin G is

76516. The precursor used for production of vitamin B12 by Streptomyces olivaceus is

76517. Most biopolymers produced by micro-organisms are

76518. Microbial rennet, which is used in cheese manufacture is produced by

76519. Production of L-lysine can be carried out by

76520. The citric acid is recovered from the fermentation broth as

76521. The sulphite waste liquor fermentation employs use of Candida utilis because of its ability to ferment

76522. Which of the following organisms have shown the ability of phosphate solubilization in red wine?

76523. The organism commonly used for the production of β carotene is/ are

76524. The organism commercially used for fungal fermentation to obtain citric acid is

76525. Erythromycin a broad spectrum antibiotic is obtained with the help of

76526. Which of the following was the first amino acid to be produced commercially?

76527. The Candida species require fermentation equipment lined with plastic because they are extremely sensitive to

76528. Cycloserine may be isolated from the cultures of

76529. The first penicillin isolated by Alexander Fleming, penicillin F is also called

76530. It is mandatory that cultures and fermentation residues be sterilized before discard in case of Eremothecium ashbyii and Ashbya gossypii because they are

76531. The former name of Tokyo?

76532. Which is considered to be an anomalous compound?

76533. Which is considered to be an anomalous compound?

76534. Which of the following is an excretory organ?

76535. Which of the following is an excretory organ?

76536. Mycoplasmas are different from the other prokaryotes by

76537. Evolutionary relationships between groups of organisms are determined using which of the following type of information?

76538. Which of the following is not true for eukaryotic cells?

76539. Which of the following is not true for prokaryotic organism?

76540. Gram staining was introduced by

76541. Which of the following is considered the most unifying concept in biology?

76542. Various bacterial species can be subdivided into

76543. Living organisms have many complex characteristics. Which one of the following is shared by non-living matter as well?

76544. A newly discovered microscopic structure is hypothesized to be a living organism. Which of the following lines of evidence would support the contention that this organism may be alive?

76545. Mycoplasmas, rickettsiae, and chlamydiae are

76546. Which of the following structure is absent in eukaryotic cells?

76547. Who was the inventor of the Petri dish?

76548. Which one is not studied in microbiology?

76549. A characteristic of protein synthesis in both the archaea and eukarya is

76550. Cell theory includes all of the following except

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