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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1579

78951. A fungal biocontrol agent used for soil borne pathogen:

78952. In red loam soil the red colour is due to high amount of:

78953. Khaira disease is associated with:

78954. A fruit rich in Vit A content:

78955. Draining away water from rice field is advised for the control of:

78956. Panchami,Kottanadan,Balankotta are varieties of:

78957. One which is not dual purpose breed of cattle?

78958. The year 2008 was celebrated as the international year of which crop?

78959. The queen of fruit is:

78960. Maggot is the young one of:

78961. -----------is a soil borne disease

78962. Short duration variety of mushroom released from KAU:

78963. Biological control of the noxious weed parthenium is done by:

78964. Rodenticide acting as acute poison:

78965. Guava is generally propagated by:

78966. The number of Nendran Banana that can be accommodated in an area of 40 cents:

78967. Colour code of highly toxic pesticide:

78968. Azhukal disease is most serious disease of:

78969. An insecticide with fumigant action

78970. The most common cover crop used in rubber plantation:

78971. Disease caused by virus:

78972. The constituent of cheshunt compound is:

78973. Fusarium Pallidoroseum is an important entomopathogen of:

78974. The ability of the seeds to germinate:

78975. Spray pump used for high volume spraying:

78976. Indian celebrates Farmers day in the memory of Ex-Prime Minister:

78977. Metaldehyde is used for the control of:

78978. The colour of registered seed tag is:

78979. Generally,-----------------% of soil volume is comprised of soil organic matter.

78980. Instrument used for the measurement of light intensity:

78981. Flacheri disease of silkworm is caused by:

78982. Method demonstration involves”

78983. Vector which transmit Yellow Vein Mosaic in bhindi:

78984. Indu is a variety of:

78985. Order of whitefly is:

78986. Interveinal chlorosis is due to the deficiency of:

78987. Study of Vegetables:

78988. Nut weevil is a common pest of:

78989. Maximum amount of nitrogen per unit weight is in:

78990. Seed rate for tomato is:

78991. Fertilizer used for foliar spray:

78992. Cucumber variety exclusively used for salad purpose:

78993. The lower limit of available water for plants:

78994. Operation flood refers to development in production of:

78995. Nata-de-coco is a processed product of:

78996. A weed used as ornamental plant:

78997. A free living nitrogen fixing bacteria:

78998. Bacterial will resistant variety o brinjal:

78999. Fungicide used for seed treatment:

79000. Growing of trees for aesthetic or scientific purpose refers to:

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