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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1580

79001. The net area under cultivation occupies % of total area in Kerala

79002. India ranks---------------in spice production.

79003. National Research centre for cashew is at:

79004. Ooze test is carried out for confirmation of disease caused by:

79005. More honey is obtained from:

79006. Panchayath Raj system introduced by:

79007. Use of resistant varieties in the IPM is an example of :

79008. For preparing jelly the essential constituent in fruits is:

79009. The practice of growing different crops of varying height,canopy orientation and rooting pattern is:

79010. A plant ideal for making carpet bed:

79011. Medicinal part of Kacholam is:

79012. The best banana variety suitable as an intercrop of coconut:

79013. Malathion belongs to the generic group:

79014. Which of the following has four pairs of legs?

79015. Which state is highest producer of rice?

79016. Against which one of the following Indian Princely states the government of India launched”The operation polo” to force its accession to the Indian Union?

79017. Name the only place in Kerala,where Black soil is found:

79018. Jogfalls,the highest waterfall in India is located in the state of:

79019. Which country is related to”B2B” relation to India?

79020. Who is the first Chief Minister of newly formed state Telangana

79021. According to the Census 2011,Which one among the following Union Territories has the least population?

79022. The Supreme Court on May 7,2014 banned ‘Jalli Kattu’and bullock cart racing in Tamilnadu.The court also banned bullock cart racing in the state of:

79023. Name the book written by Dadabai Naoroji on Indian poverty and economy:

79024. The Hindustan Socialist Republican Association movement in Indian Freedom Struggle was founded in 1928,at:

79025. Geologically the oldest mountains amongst the following are:

79026. Which state is the largest producer of tobacco in India?

79027. Who raised patriotism to the pedestal of mother-worship and said “I Know my country as my Mother.I adore her,I worship her”?

79028. The kuttiadi project in Kerala is located in:

79029. Which organization was founded by Swami Sivanandha Paramahamsa in Malabar?

79030. Which day is observed as’Malala day’?

79031. Which among the following has been declared the first ‘Smoke free’ state in the country?

79032. ’Misrabhojanam’a new method of fight against the caste system in Kerala was started by:

79033. Who started the magazine ‘Sivayogavilasam’?

79034. ’Aruvipuram pratishta’was conducted by Sree Narayana Guru in:

79035. Stand pipes are provided at the distribution system of:

79036. Pressure Relief valves are provided in a water line for:

79037. Hydrant is provided for:

79038. Self-closing water taps are capable for:

79039. Reseating tool is used for:

79040. The name employed for a fitting,having a larger size at one end than on the other:

79041. What should be the minimum distance between the hot and cold-water risers in a plumbing system?

79042. The size of vent pipe is determined according to:

79043. Why bottom of the leaching cesspool made watertight?

79044. Where lime concrete is used?

79045. Why reinforcement is added in cement concrete?

79046. Mild steel pipe after galvanization is called:

79047. The name of valve which prevents the back flow of water is known as:

79048. The Height of water meter above the water supply line should be:

79049. For checking and clearing of house drain,the access is provided by:

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