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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1581

79051. The minimum size of a public sewer should be:

79052. The minimum distance between a water source and a septic tank should be:

79053. A structure constructed for drawing water from reservoir is called:

79054. Alum is used as:

79055. The trap which provided at drop man hole is called:

79056. An inverted siphon is a:

79057. Place preferred to fix scour valve is:

79058. The coal tar coating of CI pipe is done to:

79059. Steel pipes are joined by:

79060. Withstanding pressure capacity of steel pipe is:

79061. Cupper pipe can easily bend but:

79062. Soft solder capillary joints are used for:

79063. PVC pipe can resist:

79064. The layers of Composite pipes are:

79065. The mostly used CI pumping main joint are:

79066. The depth of Hemp used in a Socket and spigot joint are:

79067. Flanged joint are capable for:

79068. Sand cast CI pipe used in water supply shall conform to:

79069. On a gate valve water flow from around the stuffing box Why?

79070. Which of the following projects illustrates a database being designed from existing data?

79071. In which valve have an internal partition in it?

79072. Where the flush hydrant are insulated?

79073. The water meter which used for measuring small flow of water is:

79074. Union joint must be:

79075. Water is mechanically lifted by means of:

79076. What is the function of footvalve?

79077. To prevent the water hammer:

79078. Water supply is designed for:

79079. In India which type of supply system is followed?

79080. The treatment of water is depend upon the:

79081. Permeable hardness of soft water is:

79082. Lime soda process is employed for:

79083. pH value acceptable in public water supply is:

79084. Filtration process is removal off?

79085. Intake shall be

79086. Slow sand filters are:

79087. Clogged filter media in Rapid sand filter is removed by:

79088. Most frequently used fitting in water supply is:

79089. Priming is the process of:

79090. To increase the sufficient pressure of distribution system:

79091. The valve which installed suction end is:

79092. Instant water heaters are:

79093. Water heater to be swatch on:

79094. One of the benefits of rain water harvesting is:

79095. The top of the sump shall be 150 mm above the formation of ground level Why?

79096. The best and most improved system of sanitary plumping is:

79097. The second set of pipe in two pipe system is recommended for:

79098. Lateral fittings are called:

79099. Which one of the following is the method of drawing water from river bed?

79100. Water will not available for fire extinguishing from?

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