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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1739

86951. Identify the commission which was appointed by the Government to enquire into Emergency excess in 1977?

86952. Father of Local Self Government in India?

86953. Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is applicable to the state of?

86954. Human Rights declaration was passed by UNO in?

86955. "Adhaar" was launched on?

86956. The High Court of which state recently barred non tax players from filing public interest litigations?

86957. The illegal arrest or detention of a person is questioned by the writ of?

86958. The acid present in Tomato is?

86959. Tenure of Ombudsman is?

86960. :Who became the 1st martyr of the freedom of speech and on expression?

86961. Bell metal is an alloy of?

86962. .The movement for Right to Information started in 1990 in which state of India?

86963. Which of the following diseases is caused by the bite of a mad dog?

86964. Peoples plan was envisaged by?

86965. Bangladesh became an independent state in 'the year?

86966. The Government has drawn up a proposal for the overhawl of Right to Information rules empowering public relation officers to reject outright application longer than?

86967. Which amendment of Indian Constitution reduced the voting age 21 to 18?

86968. First Nuclear Power station in India?

86969. Longest river in the world?

86970. The famous slogan 'Total Revolution is associated with?

86971. The party which emerged as the second largest party in the1st general election of Lok Sobha in 1952?

86972. 2022'FIFA World cup will be held in?

86973. The leaders of swaraj party was?

86974. The first space shuttle was?

86975. The first chairperson of the Women Commission in India?

86976. The first Chief Information Commissioner in Kerala?

86977. The place related with Lal Bahadur Sastri?

86978. An ancient temple which is considered as 'Southern Dwaraka'?

86979. Which article of our Constitution forbids child labour?

86980. . Study of soil is called?

86981. The diversity between eco system is called?

86982. Red Ribbon Clubs are associated with?

86983. Which is not an amendment of Montreal Protocol?

86984. The Disaster Management Committee at block level is headed by?

86985. Which one of the following divides India into almost two halves?

86986. Name the countries that have recently become victims ofTsunami?

86987. Capital Market Regulatory Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India?

86988. An abnormal fear of Crowd is called?

86989. World Anti-Tobacco Day is celebrated on?

86990. Economic Planning is an area coming under?

86991. Which country in the following is not included in the list of G-8countries?

86992. Which is not a green house gas?

86993. Voting age was reduced to 18 from 21 by?

86994. Safety Valve Theory is associated with?

86995. Drain theory was propounded by?

86996. Inter State Water Dispute Act was passed in?

86997. Year of formation of Travancore Cochin Union?

86998. 'A Gift to the Monotheists' is the contribution of?

86999. First anti-caste movement against the practice of untouchability and inapproachability in India?

87000. The expression 'Tragedy of Commons' was propounded by?

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