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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1740

87001. Which country among the following is not a member of UNO?

87002. The concept of Federation is borrowed from"?

87003. Heart transplant Surgery was initiated by?

87004. Laser was invented by?

87005. Primary education was added to the list of fundamental rights by the?

87006. To whom does the Public Accounts Committee Submit its report?

87007. How many times can a person be elected as President of India?

87008. Old name of Ecology?

87009. Heavy industries and Capital goods industries are given top priority in the growth model of?

87010. Which of the following is not a criterion of HDI?

87011. ISRO successfully launched its first lunar probe Chandrayan-I, on?

87012. Which of the following provides Vital Services for telecommunications and disaster warming needs of India?

87013. Acid rain is caused by the mission of?

87014. The organ that regulates body temperature in human beings?

87015. The city nearest to the Equator?

87016. The property of fluids which enable them to oppose the relative motion between their different layers is called?

87017. International year of bio-diversity?

87018. Who is the first Indian woman who won the olympic medal?

87019. Miller effect is named after?

87020. In Tibet, River Brahmaputra is know as '?

87021. Which of the following will come under efforts to eliminate rural poverty?

87022. Author of Malabar Manual?

87023. The resolution of a computer monitor is determined by?

87024. MILD : NKOH :: GATE :?

87025. HTML stands for?

87026. The maximum speed at which data can be transferred between two nodes on a network is called?

87027. The means by which all computers connected to the internet identify each other is?

87028. Who is known as the father of free software foundation?

87029. Pick the odd man out?

87030. Stealing ones' name, address and other personal information through internet is known as?

87031. Which of the following is not a browser software?

87032. The process of finding and correcting the logical errors in a computer program is called?

87033. One kilo byte stands for?

87034. The process of loading operating system into computers' primary memory is called?

87035. The technology of second generation computers is based 00?

87036. The device which converts digital signals into analog while transmission and vice versa at reception is called?

87037. Much water has ......... under the London bridge.?

87038. The digital security system that uses some unique characteristic of human biology to identify authorized users?

87039. The term used for environmentally sustainable computing is?

87040. The Linux-based operating system for mobile devices developed by the Open Handset Alliance?

87041. A measurement used in comparing Software and Hardware performance?

87042. Name the chess playing computer developed by IBM that defeated world champion Garry Kasparov?

87043. An artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user accepts it as areal environment?

87044. Unwanted bulk messaging into email inbox is known as?

87045. The practice and study of techniques for secure data communication in the presence of third parties?

87046. The process of discovering new patterns from large data sets?

87047. The element which is both very hard and soft is?

87048. Which of the following is not a search engine?

87049. The set of programs which acts as an interface between user, and computer?

87050. The device that allows a single communication channel to carry simultaneously data transmitted from many terminals?

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