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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1738

86901. Example for a land locked harbour?

86902. Push and Pull factors are responsible for?

86903. Which writ is issued by the supreme court when an office holder is not doing his legal duties?

86904. State having bicameral legislature?

86905. As per 73rd constitutional amendement 29 subjects' are transferred to local bodies from?

86906. Which one belongs to central government service?

86907. 'Agent Orange' is a?

86908. People who live with instruments like contact lens, insulin pumps etc are called?

86909. The scientist who developed ballistic science?

86910. Study of life in outer space is called?

86911. The first space station in the world?

86912. Cell used in mobile phones?

86913. Medulla Oblongata is connected with the control of?

86914. The unmanned aerial vehicle for counter insurgency operations developed by DRDO?

86915. The first satellite launched by India?

86916. Raman Science Centre Planetarium is situated at?

86917. Cyber Laws are included in?

86918. Second Generation Human Rights include?

86919. Kyoto Protocol is related to?

86920. Maximum period in which the information has to be given to the applicant according to the Right to information Act?

86921. Whose birthdays is celebrated as the National Sports Day in India?

86922. The World Social Forum was formed mainly to resist?

86923. Which one is not related to social audit?

86924. Which is not included in the Millenium Development Goals of the UNO?

86925. Who is the author of the novel 'Alchemist'?

86926. A government by a few person is?

86927. Name associated with 'White revolution'?

86928. Electric bulbs are filled with the gas?

86929. Oslo is the capital of?

86930. Recipient of Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and development in the year 2009?

86931. Two states in India which have no railway?

86932. Under which 5 year plan did Agricultural production had a negative growth?

86933. UNO Celebrate the year 2011 as?

86934. Who founded the Madras - Hindu Association in 1904?

86935. Veluthambi was one of the Divan of?

86936. The pitch of a sound is determined by?

86937. Coconut water contains a plant hormone called?

86938. The Government recently released a five rupee commemorative coin to mark the centenary birth celebration of?

86939. Land of Fisherman refers to?

86940. The first Indian woman to go into the space?

86941. Which of the following protects our fundamental rights?

86942. The Red Shirts were led by?

86943. First woman Chief Secretary of Kerala?

86944. "First war of Indian Independence regarding the revolt of1857" who said this for the first time?

86945. Who is described as Indian Nepoleon?

86946. First High Commissioner of Independent India to Britain?

86947. The Instrument used for measuring dust in air?

86948. Sericulture is associated with?

86949. The Kayyur Riot against Caste system and imperialism was on?

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