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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1737

86851. The theme of the famous novel' Aadu Jeevitam?

86852. 'An autobiography of N.N.pillai?

86853. The author of 'Manimekhale'?

86854. The man who was known as 'Bharata Kesari'?

86855. The river of Kerala in which large number of dams are constructed?

86856. World Press Day?

86857. Garuda Air Lines belongs to?

86858. The smallest Grama Panchayat in Kerala?

86859. Who has won the Grand Singles (men) more member of time?

86860. The human organ severely affected due to Alcohol consumption?

86861. The name of D.K. Pattammal is associated with?

86862. The smallest state (country) in the world?

86863. Which of the following is in the concurrent list of the constitution of India?

86864. The Raja Chelliah reports relates to?

86865. One Hectare is approximately how many acres?

86866. The world nation first started the census process?

86867. KSRTC is an organisation under?

86868. One of the functions of Human Resources Development?

86869. Bretton Woods Conference is related to the formation of?

86870. International Development Association was constituted in?

86871. A 'Keerthana' with 'Pallavi', 'Anupallavi' and 'Charanam' was first composed by?

86872. An art form in Kerala which is specified as ancient heritage form by UNESCO?

86873. The first sound movie of India?

86874. The Indian scientist who won Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

86875. HTMLis a?

86876. The book 'Kanneerum Kinavum' is the work of?

86877. Name the device which is used by Navigators in the 18thcentury to find out the time accurately?

86878. Open door policy in China was announced by?

86879. Person who is known as the George Washington of South America?

86880. First ISO certified police station in Kerala?

86881. Grassland found in Africa?

86882. Venue of 2016 Olympics was?

86883. The operation made by America immediately after the attack of World Trade Centre?

86884. Banana Republic means?

86885. First Eco Town in India?

86886. The book 'Dreams From My father' is written by?

86887. Julia Gillard is the first woman prime minister of?

86888. Father of modern indology and the founder of Asiatic Society?

86889. The great among the Portuguese viceroys in India?

86890. Founder of Prarthana Samaj?

86891. The person known as Perlyor?

86892. The Famous horse of Rana Prathap?

86893. How many times Gandhiji became the president of Indian National Congress?

86894. Who abolished Privy Purse?

86895. The Railway Strike 1974 was led by,?

86896. Anti-Arrack Movement originated in?

86897. Drain Theory belongs to?

86898. Which one of the following crop is not cultivated under dry land farming?

86899. Which is not a factor of industrial location?

86900. National waterway No.3 connects?

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