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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1847

92351. Insulin was invented by?

92352. ‘Imagining India’ is a book written by?

92353. Who invented Atomic Bomb?

92354. Who invented Tanks?

92355. Who invented Holography?

92356. Who invented Helicopter?

92357. Neutron Bomb was invented by?

92358. Who invented Film (with Sound)?

92359. Synonym of “anger”:?

92360. Who discovered Gas Light?

92361. Who invented Reaper?

92362. Who discovered Cosmic Rays?

92363. Who invented Steel?

92364. Who invented Lift?

92365. D.D.T was invented by?

92366. Where was Spectacles invented?

92367. Elias Howe invented?

92368. In 1793 a 'Cotton gin' was invented by?

92369. Who is the inventor of Bifocal Lens?

92370. Who invented Steam Boat?

92371. Who invented Dynamo?

92372. Who invented Electric Motor Car?

92373. Who invented Hovercraft?

92374. Who invented Seismograph?

92375. Paper was invented by?

92376. Who invented Induction Coil?

92377. Who invented Microscopes?

92378. Who invented Power-loom?

92379. Who invented Linotype?

92380. Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the police force in .........?

92381. Who invented Air Brake?

92382. The Indian scientist whose name is associated with a certain type of elementary particles, is?

92383. Who discovered Reserpine?

92384. Who invented Xerox Machine?

92385. Who invented first Hydrogen Bomb?

92386. Who invented Electric Razor?

92387. Who was Gultin Burghs?

92388. Who invented Thermos Flask?

92389. Who invented Spinning Jenny?

92390. Who invented Cinematography?

92391. Who invented Optical Fibre?

92392. Who invented Stainless Steel?

92393. Who invented the four-wheeled skate?

92394. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has been written by?

92395. Who invented the script for the blind?

92396. Cholera bacillus was discovered by?

92397. Who invented Silicones?

92398. Who discovered Titanium?

92399. Who proposed the Theory of Relativity?

92400. Who discovered ultraviolet rays?

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